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Chithhi na koyi sandesh...
Jaane woh kaun sa desh jaha tum chale gaye,

No letters or any news,
who knows where you've gone,

~~A ghazal by Jagjit Singh...


Hello guys , here is new poem..

This one I've written about my grandfather (Nana ji) .

He died three years ago, and he was like my friend and the most amazing companion.
He always believed in my and was my greatest supporter and motivator...
He was like a father figure for me...
His death was a like a great shock for me.

So this one is for him..💙


When emotions are high
and you fail to hide
and tears flood like,
Escape to display what heart weigh.

The moment when you
took the last breathe,
I could do nothing but watch that view,
I watched you leaving , although,
my heart screamed to hold you,
and fight the angels that vow,
To take you far above ,
far from us.

But I can't stop you, I was helpless.
I was only a human and the fight was against the God himself.
If only God would have been a little more selfless,
If only he wouldn't snatch the good ones to keep in his place.
If only he showed a little mercy ,
And let us keep you for more time being.

Now all those memories replayed ,
in my mind and made me afraid,
by imagining,
that life without you held no meaning.
Your talks and your teachings ,
will always be missing ,
When I'll be leaning.
Your voice and tantrums ,
will always be missing ,
When I'll be misleading.

Now with whom will I, share
the events of my day.
And will talk about how and why,
the humans appear .
On whom will I rely ,
To discuss and share ,
The deepest truth and cruellest lie.
Who will be my bestest friend ,
Who will call me to give him medicine,
after completing the dine.
Who will assure me that I am,
Born to achieve something ,
And will have a future bright as sunshine.

It's gone I know
But only for you,
Because it never had
And never will , go
From my memory , so
Even if I don't show
But it is just that I vow
Not to cry, for the loss ,but to show
that the dreams that you ,
used to see and make me show,
Are not mere dreams , although
The process will be slow,
But I promise to fullfill and sow ,
the seeds you wanted to grow.

I know that you are watching,
me from the heaven ,
And your blessing ,
Will always stay with me,
In both good and bad time.
And I am sure that your soul
Will feel console,
When you will see me achieving the goal,
that you always told,
And wanted me to stroll.

~~Tanisha Payal

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