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I feel numb...
I guess I am dumb...
I just want some,
Peace and run,
from the devils and demons,
Hovering in my mind and
Weighing me down.

Sometimes I guess ,
That I am selfish,
But then I realise
That it is how things,
have to be .

I won't care if you stay or leave ,
I won't care if you agreed ,
I won't care if you hurt me,
Or apologise for your sin.

Because the pain ,that I carry in,
My heart since ,the tenure of 18,
years of my life is enough to dim,
Every light that shine ,
And give their light, to sparkle mine.
But I can't let you in,
And witness the truth's hymn,
I am not strong,
Enough to show how I swim,
Through the darkness rim,
I can't open,
My heart to him,
And feel more vulnerable when,
He sees the real side of mine.

I don't show but I care,
But I can't dare,
To let anyone in there,
So I ignore,
the feelings and fear ,
Because that is what I do since years.

So I let you go, and move on ,
I won't stop for anyone.
Because I am used to everyone,
Leaving me at the bay, even
when they have promised me the heaven.

~~~Tanisha Payal


I don't know what the hell am I writing...

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