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At some rare moments,
When everything goes as planned,
A sudden deep melancholy erupts,
Inside my heart ,
And made all my progress go in vain.

My heart feels empty,
and make me cry
I can't think about anything,
Just keep staring at sky.
With no thoughts in my mind,
I feel left behind.
I feel like an overfilled pot,
Craving to pour my content out.
There is no person, no memory, no incident,
Present in my mind,
Just an appeal from inside
To cry , as if my soul is tired.

Don't ask me what's wrong,
Don't tell me to be strong,
Don't show me your sympathy,
Just sit with me along.
Give me your shoulder,
Hold me closer,
And let this pot pour it's water.
Because I know I'm not weak,
I don't easily get freaked,
But this time let my heart speak.
This time some buried emotions,
are trying to peek,
And trying to lead my streak.

Tomorrow I'll be better,
And get myself together.
I will surely rise stronger
I just needed a break,
To listen my heart's ache,
And cure it for my sake.
It is good to take care,
Before it becomes severe.
And let you eyes shed tear,
When the vision is unclear.

~~By Tanisha Payal

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~~Tanisha payal

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