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What do you do,
when you feel low,
when nothing seems to ,
be like it should do.
Your life seems like a show,
on inside it feels hollow.

What do you do,
When you can't fight ,
your own demon,
when you don't feel right,
and have no one ,
to rely on.

What do you do,
When your soul feel tired ,
Of trying hard,
From time to time.
And now you feel like ,
It is breaking apart.

What do you do,
When the weight is too much,
Whatever your try is not enough,
You try to be tough ,
But life seems so rough .
And you start loosing trust ,
From yourself and rest,
Of the close ones .
You feel like rust
Dreams covered in dust .
What do you do ,
When darkness seems to ,
Overpower you.
When there is no way out
of this chaotic route ,
When everything seems to fall apart,
When heart weighs the guilt,
And mind is busy in it's own fight.

Just take a minute,
For yourself,
Just take a calm breathe ,
stay silent and spell,
the positive words to yourself.
This hard time shall pass,
You will get through this mess,
Just believe in yourself.
Mind is between chaos,
I know,
It seems hard to grow,
This time you might feel low,
But believe yourself, go with the flow,
And one day you will definitely glow.

~~Tanisha Payal


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