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Sometimes I just get lost,
In my irrational thoughts,
I just keep staring at infinity,
And bit by bit lose my sanity,
With some unanswerable questions,
I keep grinding with no directions.

My mind becomes a mess,
Which words can't express.
Why did this happen, did I tried less?
Maybe I cared in excess,
Maybe we weren't perfect I guess,
Maybe only I'm in stress,
Maybe he is also depressed.
Maybe he didn't cared at all,
Maybe I can't see through the wall,
Maybe he found someone new,
Maybe that's the reason, he withdrew,
Maybe the mistake was mine,
Maybe it had to decline,
Maybe it was destiny's sign,
We fell apart and left behind.

These pinching questions makes me dive,
And makes it hard for me to survive.
But one thought kept revive
that we never even said a goodbye,
We neither fought nor try,
Neither cry nor deny,
We stopped talking and didn't reply,
Just one stroke and the hope die.

Now the quotes ,
Which used to seem meaningless ,
Are now defining us.
Now we can finally say,
"Strangers with memories" we convey.
"The known stranger" we potray.

~~By Tanisha Payal


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