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The trouble is ,
We think we have time ,
We gamble the present , for tomorrow's chime,
We spent the precious time ,
For future's dine .

We just 'think' we have time ,
We keep good things ,
to use when right time comes,
and the time actually dumps ,
all of our plans.
We keep nice places,
to visit in vacations,
when there is no sure expectations ,
of surviving next situations.
We suppress our desire,
hoping to fulfill them in future,
we dream to aspire,
and hope to admire,
Everything in future,
When we ourselves aren't sure,
is there even a future or not.

We always forget ,
That superior is fate,
It can punish us for undone mistake .
The future for which ,
we try hard night and day,
For which we put everything on stake,
we might not be alive for that ,
Who knows how many breathes have we left,
How many more heartbeats can we take ,
How many more words can we say,
For tomorrow we gambled today,
When we don't even have a surety
If we could be alive for the other sun ray...

So what would you do now ,
Would you worry for the future or allow,
yourself to explore,
the corner of the world around ,
Would you free yourself or stay bound,
to unnecessary worries or let you profound,
This is your life and yours own ,
So why wait for the future's sound,
You are the queen, so take your crown ,
rule your life as yours and,
don't worry for what is yet to happen.

~~Tanisha Payal


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