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Hello guys , here is a poem..

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The plan was to end up together,
Our intention was to have a future,
Believe me , I was serious ,
But what happened rather
Was disastrous...

I wish there would be a bond
Of understanding,
Rather than just pretending.
I wish you would understand ,
Rather we come to a bitter end.
I wish I could make you understand ,
I wish you would have tried to withstand.

The problem wasn't in you ,
And not even in me
It was just our ego deafening
who we used to be .
If you saw it 9 , it doesn't mean,
That it can't be 6 , bcz that is what I seen.

You blamed me , but forgot
That to each his own everyone got .
One is free to have their opinion,
I didn't stopped you , then why were you trying.
You should have accepted, that we are different,
Acceptance is the way to contentment.
I know I had different mindset ,
Which was truly very different ,
But only if you know what turned me like that,
Then you would wouldn't have rant .

We shouldn't make small things
As mountain, in relations ,
Rather we sought the volcanoes
And keep ourselves in ration.

Sensible actions are not what you did ,
You made an stranger come in mid,
Yes , I would say that "you made it",
Because you gave him importance which I never did.
You dugged into something ,
Which wasn't meaning ,
to me a damned thing.
You made issue out of something ,
which I was never considering .
Which was useless for me ,
You let that flew away our peace.

Anger make us do the unreasonable,
Which we would never do when we are sensible,
Yet the said can't be taken back,
And now we are nothing but wreck.
The bond that took years to form, now is on stake,
And I don't know by whose mistake...


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