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I wonder,
Would my death can ever mean anything to anyone?
Does my life really mattered at all?
Were my struggles countworthy ?
Was my attitude reason of my dismal?
Was I really that special, what I always assumed myself to be?
Did I truly deserved what I got or was it just a pity?

I wonder,
Did my laugh ever meant special for someone?
Did my voice ever made someone's heart go mad?
Did someone ever yearned to see me once ?
Was I ever that special to someone?
Did I even deserve to be that special to someone?

I wonder,
Are my dreams worthy?
Are my aspirations valid?
Are my desires good enough to get fulfilled?
Are my needs too much for a young girl?
Is my self respect too highly?

I wonder....
I wonder....
I wonder....

~~Tanisha Payal


I have no idea what the hell am I writing....

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