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In this dark night
The darkness of inside,
Try to come in sight,
Displaying my insecurities that hid inside.
But I am in delight
That the darkness got
Diffused in darkness tonight.
Keeping my wrecked insight ,
From coming upright,
To the world's sight.

The emotions that I hide
Tried to peek outside,
From the shell inside ,
I kept it ,
Far from other's sight.

But sometimes
It is good to let out ,
The feelings, emotions and shout ,
As loud,
As you could,
And let the rain fall through your eyes,
And let out the burst of cloud .
Let your emotions take the lead ,
Let it cover your deeds,
Let yourself be free ,
The way you always wanted to be .

We can hide this storm ,
From the world,
But we can't hide it from the close one ,
Who know us, to sweet and wild.

Depicting emotions,
Is what makes us strong .
Because the warmest sunrise happens,
After the ugliest storm.

~~by Tanisha Payal

~~by Tanisha Payal

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(P.s. I know I can't draw very well, but even then I tried...
Not so good, but ig not bad either...
Share you views on my sketch too)


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