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I always believed in forever,
I always trusted I was braver,
I always dreamt that I will be clever,
Enough to cherish this, unlike others.
I thought I would never
Let misunderstanding, Mistakes, lies and anger,
Snatch away this treasure ,
But I forgot that destiny Is the biggest player.

It slipped from my brain
Everything isn't in my hand
It takes two to tango
My only efforts are not sufficient.
It isn't your fault,
Nor is it mine,
It was just ego clashes
Between our mind.

I used to laugh at those ,
Who quarrel like a daily dose.
I believed that whoever I'll chose,
Would always be my muse.

I wish we had a better reason to walk away,
Shouldn't have ended this way.
I wish it could turn it to the day,
When we first met and were nervous what to say,
I don't know what happend to that ray,
That filled us with light and made us stay,
I think it was time that slowly faded away
And torn us apart in dismay.

Sometimes words are enough,
To bruise the futile heart,
Deeper than a knife.
You fulminate without thinking twice
So now face the consequence.

What is done is done ,
What is said is said ,
But there is nothing to regret
because the time we spent
Were the golden moment.
I promise it will always rent
A place in my heart's tent,
It will stay there, not like a tenant
But forever , Like a resident.


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