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Sometimes I need an ear,
Who would willingly hear,
All my worries and fear,
All my misery and vision unclear,
Who wouldn't judge me, but bear,
My ranting when I shed tear.
Who won't disappear,
When my emotions get smear.
Who wouldn't pass judgements mere,
But who hold my hand in life's sphere.
Who would make me hear,
To God's prayer.
Who wouldn't tear,
me more when I am already in fear.
I know I am not that worthy to get the care,
But still I wish that had someone that much dear.

Sometimes I need a shoulder ,
To cry on ,
Someone beholder
To rely on ,
Someone older,
To not defy on ,
my silly assumption
Someone holder ,
To hold me in my eruption,
Who hold to not leave in destruction.

Is it possible,
To find someone loyal,
Whose love is unstoppable,
Even after your denial.
Is it possible ,
To find someone honest,
Whose intentions are unbreakable,
Even when you are modest.
Is it possible,
To find someone respectful,
Who is able ,
To respect you and treat you like royal.
Is it possible ,
To find someone lovable,
Who wouldn't find it impossible,
To love you when you feel delusional.
Is it possible ,
To find someone worthy ,
Of your love, time and affection ,
And will cherish you for eternity.

~~Tanisha payal


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