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Yes, I cook food,
that doesn't mean that I can't rule.
Yes, I do the household,
that doesn't mean that I am fool.
Yes, I bought up kids,
that doesn't mean my life is cruel.
Yes, I stay at home,
that doesn't mean I am uncool.
If I can handle the household well,
Then I can also handle the world.

Yes, my grades are low,
That doesn't mean I am stupid.
Yes, I don't understand maths,
That doesn't mean that I should be extruded.
Yes, I take more time to understand,
That doesn't mean that I should be excluded.
Maybe maths is not for me,
Maybe my future won't be decribed by the number of degrees,
But by my talent,
How well I can dance and sing,
can also be my achievement.
Maybe if I'll get some support,
I can perform excellent in sport.
Maybe by reading literature,
I can also become a writer.

Yes, I am a man,
that doesn't mean that I don't want emotions to be shown.
Yes, I have to be strong,
that doesn't mean that I should have a heart of stone.
Yes, I have responsibilities,
that doesn't mean that my feelings have to stay unknown.
Yes, I am a little insensitive,
But that doesn't mean that I have to stay alone.
Yes, I am a man
And I need to cry sometimes,
I need someone to hear troubles of mine.
I also need a shoulder to rely,
I also need someone to sooth me when I cry ,
Who would not mock me and say,
That men don't cry...

Yes, I am skinny,
that doesn't mean I can't fight.
Yes, I am dark,
that doesn't mean my future can't be bright.
Yes, I am fat,
that doesn't mean I have to stay quite.
Yes, I am short,
that doesn't mean I don't have any right.
My appearance doesn't define,
Abilities, talents and achievements of mine..

So all judgemental peeps who loves to scoff,
You can respectfully f**k off...


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~~Tanisha payal

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