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A certain moment come,
In the lives of everyone ,
It is the time when,
Everyone around you
Tries to make you feel low,
When you can't get through,
From the situation, they put you into.

When all your enemies
Get the lead,
And they do everything in their reach
So that you can get defeat,
They try to break you belief,
So that you can't achieve.

When the pressure is too much
And you can't help yourself in such
When the friends shed their fake skin
And show what's beneath...
When you can bear the pain of betrayal,
And you can do nothing but fake smile.

At that moment ,
Your reaction will decide the victory of opponent.
You can't break ,
You can't repeat the mistake,
You can't put your future on stake.
You can't let those snake,
make you feel less,
Because your success,
Is your progress,
It is not in the hand of others.
You are the queen,
you have to follow your dream,
And let people die and scream.


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~~Tanisha payal

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