C h a p t e r 6

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Here I was at the train station with Draco, Mattheo and my parents.

"Goodbye I will miss you" my mom said hugging the shit out of me.

"Goodbye mom" I said trying to pull away from the hug.

"Narcissa dear your going to kill her if you keep hugging her like that" my father said.
As he said that my mother let go of me and holds my face in her hands.
"Oh my daughter going to get married live her life, oh please bring me grandchildren" she said.

"Mom" I whispered she let go of my face and turned towards Mattheo.
"Pls bring me grandchildren" she practically begged.
Mattheo looked at me and smirk I rolled my eyes at his childish.
I went towards my dad and hugged him.
"Goodbye y/n and please don't bring me grandchildren" as he said that he let me go and I walked over to Mattheo and stood there while Draco said goodbye.

To be honest I never thought about children and know that the dark lord wants a new heir and my mom wants a grandchildren and Draco said he wasn't ready to be a uncle just keeps on making me think about how it would feel if I had children.

My thought were interrupted by Mattheo grabbing my arm and pulling me toward the train.

He brought me in a empty compartment and put away my stuff.

"Why are you in such a rush" I asked.
"Shut up" he said.
"Why" I asked again seriously what is going on.
"Fine you can talk" he said.
"Why did you even tell me to shut up then"
He didn't respond and just sat down in a sit.
I sat down opposite of him.
"I kind of wanted to sit with my friends" I said.
"Fine then let's go find there compartment" as he said that the door open and there stood blaire and aurora.

"Y/N" the screamed.
I stood up and gave them a big hug.
"I've missed you guys" I said.
"Missed you too" they said in sink.

"You know you guys hung out not so long ago" Mattheo said.

"Well if it isn't the future husband" aurora said laughing a little by the way she said it.

I turned to look at Mattheo to see him giving her a death stare.

Just when I turned my head back Lorenzo, Theodore, Draco and Blaise were there.

"Guess we're all sharing a compartment because there isn't anymore" said Theodore.

They all came inside and put there luggage away.

They all were huddled up together.
Seemed like blaire noticed so she sat down on the floor of the compartment.
Lorenzo, Theodore and Mattheo were on one side and aurora, Blaise and Draco were on the other side.

"You can sit on my lap y/n" said Mattheo patting his lap.

"No thank you I'll sit down on the floor with blaire" I said, I knew what he wanted and I'm not giving it to him.

I sat down with blaire and as I sat down draco stood up.

He grabbed his luggage and opened it up.
He grabbed something from inside then took it out.
There in his hands were firewhiskey.
Two bottles.

"Give me" I said reaching my hand up.

He gave me the firewhiskey and I chugged some of it down.

I passed the bottle to Lorenzo who happily took a swing of it.

Then we all started to drink.

I chug another sip feeling the burning on the throat.

I passed it back to Mattheo who looked like he was going to pass out.

"Let's play truth or dare" I said.

"Ok" everyone agreed.

"Aurora, truth or dare" said blaire.


"Who do you have a crush on" she asked, knowing damn well who her crush is.

"D-Draco" I hear her say barely above a whisper.

I looked at Draco who looked at her surprise then looked back at aurora who seemed like she was trying to hide.

"Ok, y/n truth or dare" aurora asked.
"I dare you to sit in theodore's lap" she said, to be honest all of us were drunk.
It was like we know what was happening but also didn't know what was happening.

I looked at Mattheo who was already looking at me.

I stood up and went to Theodore, who was right next to Mattheo.
I sat down on his lap and rested my head on his shoulder.

Mattheo turned his head to look at me and Theodore.
He grabbed the bottle of firewhiskey that we were passing around and just chugged it.

"Ok, Mattheo truth or dare" I asked.
"Be someone's pet for the next five minutes" I said.
I have no idea why I told him to do that to be honest.
That was a stupid dare.

He stood up and went to all fours.
He crawled to blaire and bark at her, she patted his back and he put his head on the croak of her neck.
She started to laugh at the gesture.

I know she is my bestfriend so she won't try something stupid.

She keep on playing with him as more dares went around then if came back to me.

It was barely four minutes of mattheo being a pet.

As someone was doing there dare, he came over to me sat down in front of me.
Like a dog waiting for food.

He looked up at me, just staring at me.
I raised my head up to get a better view of what he was doing.
But he just sat there.
I raised my hand up and started to play with his hair.
When I did that he move his face and kissed my hand.

The time was up and he stood up and sat down next to Theodore.
I got off of Theodore and went to Mattheo, I sat on his lap and he put his head in the crook of my neck, I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Y/n truth or dare" asked Lorenzo.
"Truth" I said.
"Have you ever done skinny dipping" he asked.
"Yes" I said.
I remember that night, it was pretty good night for me.
I was with Amelie.

"Wait your telling me you? My sister did skinny dipping and I didn't know" Draco asked pointing his finger at me.

"I'm going to a different compartment I need to sleep" I said, I stood up from mattheo's lap and went over to the compartment door I opened it and left.

I walked down the halls looking for a empty compartment.

I found one and sat down next to the window.
I had a massive headache.
As I sat down the door opened and in came a guy.

He had brown hair kind of curly.
And dark eyes.
"Can I sit here" he asked.
"Yeah" I said.

Just then he put his luggage away and sat down in front of me.

It was silent until the compartment door opened.

"Oh gosh, y/n I was looking for you" Mattheo said, he looked at me then turned to the guy in front of me.

"Hey I just had a headache so I left the compartment" I explained, he walked over and sat next to me.
I looked at the guy in front of us who was looking at Mattheo surprised, he probably knew Mattheo was the dark lords son, I mean everyone did.

I looked back at Mattheo to see him glaring at the guy.
I ignore his stupidity and looked outside the window.
"Y/n you sure you don't want to go to the other compartment" Mattheo asked.
"I'm sure, I got a headache from all the talking and the firewhiskey" still not taking my eyes of outside.

I moved my head on Mattheo shoulder so I could try and sleep.

I closed my eyes letting me sink into a deep slumber.


Yay finished with another chapter.
I broke the shower curtain at my house.
While writing this.

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