C h a p t e r 18

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Y/n malfoy pov

Here I was with bellatrix in the kitchen.

Her just trying to make me change my emotions.

"Give no emotions, IF SOMEONE STABS YOU DONT SHOW THAT YOU GOT HURT" she yelled/said.

"Aunt bellatrix, your starting to scare me" it's true this bitch is scary.

"No getting scared, no showing emotions, see if I stab you right now, would you cry?" She said/asked.

"Of course I would cry" I said, just then she slapped me.

"What the fuck" I said, holding my cheek.

"No emotions, your showing that you just got hurt, are you crying right now" she asked me.

"No" I said wiping a few tears from my eyes and cheek.

"STOP CRYING" she yelled at me.

"No emotions, this is going to take a long time" she said the last part mostly to herself.

"Uh bellatrix, I really want to be like you but I don't know how" I said, it's true I like bellatrix how she acts, how she has no shame in anything.

"We'll first DONT say sorry, DONT show emotions, keep a straight face that no one can look trough" she told me.

I looked at her and she raised her eyebrow at me.

"Let's change your outfit, it looks hideous" she said grabbing my arm again and pulling me with her.

"Y/N" I hear someone shout my name, I look to see Draco.

I stopped and bellatrix turned to me giving me a face that said hurry up.

"What are you doing with her" he said.

"You act like she isn't right here, next to me and that she can't hear you" I said.

"Right now let's go" she said starting to pull on my arm again.

We started to walk away until we heard him yell "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS EVEN DOING TOGETHER YOU NEVER EVEN TALK"

"SHUT UP AND GO FUCK MY FRIEND" I yelled back, I turned to bellatrix and gave her a small smile, she looked at me with a straight face before turning back around and walking.

"Why are you so stupid" she asked me once we were in my room.

"I don't know ask my dad" I said looking through my clothes that was all black and red.

I turned to look at bellatrix and she gave a small smirk.

"You know finding out that you are nothing like your parents is so exciting" she said still with that small smirk on her face.

"What do you mean" i said.

"You like to break the rules, have fun, party not care about anyone's opinion" she stopped before continuing "unlike your parents who always have to be on track and loved to be first, always wanted to fit in and they always care about everyone's opinion" she said, before turning to me.

"Have you chose your outfit" she asked me.
"No" I said still looking through.
"Move" she said pushing me away with her hip and started to go through the clothes.

We chose a plain black dress that was cut of higher then my knee and had long sleeves but showed my thigh and a little slit in the middle of my chest.

"Let's choose heels" she said now smirking.

I looked at her "all this just to wear inside a manor" I asked.

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