C h a p t e r 32

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Y/n pov

I woke up to sunlight this morning, no bella or cissy yelling today at least for now.

I turned around blocking my view from the sun to see Mattheo sleeping I look at him, he looks so peaceful and gentle.

"It's not nice to stare, darling" he said opening his eyes, I rolled my eyes about to turn around but he stopped me holding me tighter in his grip.

He gave soft kisses on my chest and neck, trailing around my exposed skin, his hands trailed down to my thighs but stopped "ugh" I groaned rolling my eyes "still pregnant" he said letting go and rolling on his back starring up at the ceiling.

"Really wishing we kill this baby soon as possible" I said, he laughed "u dont want it at all do u" he asked "nope" I said.

We staid silent not talking, it wasn't comfortable but it wasnt awkward either, "how are u feeling" Mattheo spoke up "ok I guess" I responded, I feel fine everyone keeps asking me if I'm okay like yeah im fine.

The door opened and in came bella "cissy told me to remind u guys about dinner tonight" she pause before speaking up again "again I repeat no sex till after the baby" she said leaving the room now, I started to laugh "god she always says something like that" I said he laughed "she always says something weird before leaving" he said, I nodded.

I Reyes my head on his chest closing my eyes, maybe I can sleep through tonight I thought "u want to sleep through tonight" he said "yeah" I said quietly listening to his heart beat "u don't want to see them" he said/asked "yep, I don't want to see them or be near them" I said opening my eyes again stressing about how I will have to see them.

I closed my eyes trying to sleep again but all I think about is how I will have to see them again, both of them in the same room as me, I want to kill my self at this point.

I left my eyes closed trying to call down, I keep listening to mattheo's heart beat and calmed down falling into a deep sleep.


"wake up darling" Mattheo whispered, I woke up and realized the sun wasn't hitting my face anymore.

"what time is it" I asked him after a couple minutes of silence, I moved from his chest and rested my head on my pillow "4:46 we have dinner at 6" he said, I opened my eyes my vision blurry from barely waking up.

I turned looking at him "what if we just cancel this whole dinner thing" I said smiling widely at him "we can not cancel it and u know that" he said "I know but just what if" I said acting like it was possible when even I know it isn't.

"go get ready" he said to me "now why do u expect me to get ready this early" I said/asked "shower because at like 5 bella and cissy will come in and help do ur hair or whatever" he said "oh wow, so u can lay in bed longer and I can't" I said rolling my eyes "yeah exactly, u cant" he said smiling at me.

I stood up from the bed letting the cold air hit my exposed skin, I walked into the bathroom closing the door behind me as I looked at my self in the mirror, I looked at my face inspecting my whole face.

I took of my clothes and went in the shower letting the hot water hit my skin, I soon finished showering and by the time I got out I saw bella and cissy waiting I look at Mattheo who was still in bed "told u" he said shrugging "come on get dress" cissy said "I don't understand why I have to get all ready for just dinner with" I paused "them" I said walking into the walk in closet and saw the red dress.

I grabbed it and put it on, looking at my body as the dress fit every curve, the plain dark red having two slits on each of my thighs, I turn around from the mirror looking at cissy who grabbed the heels, I took them out of the box putting them on and looked in the mirror seeing the red and black heels, red bottoms and black plain heels.

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