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Y/n pov

I open my eyes as I hear talking, I opened my eyes slowly, exhausted and tired, I moved my legs but I became aware of the tinge of ache inbetween my legs and winced. I look at Mattheo and see as he is perfectly asleep, I smiled seeing his curls all over his face and how he let out little breaths.

There was a knock on the door and Mattheo turned he rubbed his eyes and opened them, immediately seeing me he blinked slowly before he looked at the door, there was another knock "come in" Mattheo said his voice being really deep, the door opened showing cissy, Bella, and some of our friends.

Shit i thought what? What's wrong mattheo's voice popped up our clothes are in the bathroom laying there I thought I looked at the bathroom door and saw as my mom stood in front of it we are completely naked Mattheo I thought it's fine don't worry I rolled my eyes at his stupid ass.

"Why are u guys in here" I asked "well we came to tell u that u guys are going back to hogwarts in three days so u should start worrying about that" mom said I nodded my head "that's all?" I asked "yes we just needed to tell u that" she said before her and Bella left.

Our friends stayed but Mattheo being him "get out" Mattheo said "Mattheo" I pulled his curls "ow let go" he said hitting my arm away I rolled my eyes at him "aw so cute, what did u guys do in here" Draco said kicking mattheo's sweater away, he turned his head behind him and looked at the bathroom floor since he was standing in front of the door,
he looked up "disgusting" he said "I'm out of here" he said raising his hands "and we are leaving too because..." they looked at the ground "yeah" they all slowly walked out, as they closed the door I laughed I turned looking at Mattheo and he seemed to be zoned out.

"U okay?" I asked him running my hands through his hair "yeah I'm fine" he said "just thinking" he looked at me and smiled "ugh we are going back to hogwarts in three days" I said rolling my eyes and looking up at him, he nodded staying quiet he looked like he was zoning out again.

I didn't say anything I just rested my head on his chest, is he annoyed of me or something? did I do something? Is he mad at me? I started to overthink but Mattheo pulled me out of my thoughts "I'm not mad at u darling, I'm not annoyed of u either" he said making me look at him "I love u" he said moving a piece of hair out of my face he kissed me softly on my lips and I smiled against the kiss "I love u too" I said smiling widely.

he kissed my neck softly, I closed my eyes and opened them up again looking at him, "how do u feel?" He asked me "sore" I laughed feeling the soreness from inbetween my legs, he laughed staring at me, I looked at him in the eyes as he stared at me, I looked at him confused but he just smiled at me.

"Should we get ready" he asked me "why" I asked "well we have been in bed since yesterday" he said "ugh fine" I rolled my eyes "just put a spell to help me" I paused "walk or whatever" I said and he laughed grabbing his wand that was on his counter, he said the spell and the soreness went away, "can u get my clothes" I asked him he grabbed his boxers and put them on, he went to the bathroom and grabbed my bra he raised his eyebrow at me and smirked, "come on just give me it" I said rolling my eyes, he threw and I grabbed it putting it on he threw my underwear and I put it on.

I stood up from the bed and went into the bathroom "I just realized I need to shower" I said, he smirked at me "no" I shook my head "I need a peaceful shower" I said "I can make the shower peaceful" he said looking down at me "no" I said "get out" I tried pushing him out "ugh fine" he rolled his eyes before leaving. I took off my bra and underwear, going into the shower and turning on the faucet, I let the hot water hit my skin and I felt relieved.

I got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around myself, I left the bathroom and asked Mattheo for a shirt he threw it at me and I grabbed a pair of shorts since it was hot out, I went back into the bathroom and changed, I brushed my teeth and brushed through my hair.

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