C h a p t e r 15

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Y/n malfoy pov

I open my eyes everything was blurry, I blink my eyes a couple of times and start to get my vision back.

I look at a window the sun hitting straight at my eyes.

"Oh wow look at that she is awake" I heard from a familiar voice.

"Yeah I can see that dipshit" I heard another familiar voice.

I looked around the room and finally saw the two people that were talking.

Then when everything came rushing in.
He's back.
He escaped.
He can hurt me again.

"Y/n" I heard Draco's voice again.
"Yeah" I asked.
"Did you really hear nothing I said" he asked me.
"You were talking" I said more as a question.

"Get ready we are going home" he said.
"Wait really" I asked.
"Yes now just change" he said.

I grabbed clothes and went into the bathroom getting ready.

"Im ready" I said once I was done changing, brushing my teeth and finished doing my makeup.

"Hold on to Mattheo's arm" he told me I went over to Mattheo and hold onto his arm.
Draco went next to me and hold onto my hand.

"Oh and by the way your spycho ex is at the manor" I heard Draco's voice before we teleported.

"WHAT" was the first thing I said before realizing we were already in the manor.

Just then a group of death eaters looked our way.

"See draco what an amazing idea to bring your sister here we're her spycho ex is at" I heard mattheo say sarcastically.

"I'm going to my room" I said, before trying to leave.

"No y/n you are not trapping yourself in your room" Draco said pulling on my arm.

"Draco seriously, just leave her alone she didn't ask to be brought here" Mattheo said.

"Yeah Draco" I said pushing his hand of my arm.

"Oh my goodness" I heard another familiar voice.

"Mom" I said turning around.

"Oh darling what are you doing here" she asked me.

"Umm to be honest I have no idea ask your son" I said pointing to Draco.

Mom looked at Draco, who's face turned red.

"So I kinda brought y/n here" he said slowly.

"Oh my, you do know who is in the manor, right" I heard my mom say to Draco as she started to come closer to us.

"Umm" Draco didn't respond.

"A spycho is in this manor" mom said to both of us.

"Yeah I know, he's right next to me" I said looking at Mattheo, who rolled his eyes at me.

"Y/n darling this is serious" my mom said with a voice full of worry.

"don't worry" I said.

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