C h a p t e r 34

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Y/n pov

I open my eyes feeling the sun hit my face, and I turn to my side only to realize Mattheo isn't in bed I thought, he is acting weird I thought the door opened showing Mattheo "good morning" he said I didn't respond but turn to my side trying to fall asleep again, "seems like your not having a good morning" he said walking over my side of the bed and hovered over me blocking the sun that was hitting my face.

"get away" I said pushing him a little "are you on your lady days or what" he said confused I rolled my eyes at him before turning the other way, "I will take that as a yes" he said "no I did not mattheo" I looked at him while he was changing "what time is it" I asked "12:35" he said wtf no wonder Mattheo was already out of bed I wouldn't want to be in bed at this time either but here I am I thought "right I hate being in bed waiting for u to wake up but usually I do wait, today u were just taking longer" he said changing out of his pants.

"Ugh today we have that ball" I said rolling my eyes, as he changed into different pants "yes darling we do" he said walking over to the bed "I don't want to be at the ball" I said resting my head on his shoulder as he sat down in bed next to me "it's our ball we have to be there" he responded moving the hair that was in my face.

"U should get up" he said standing up from my bed "no" I said laying back down and covering my face with the covers, "y/n darling come on it's about to be one pm and u didn't eat" he said "and?" I looked at him taking the covers out of my face "and u should not be hungry while at the ball" he said, I raised my eyebrow at him knowing that he was lying "fine I was lying, js get up" he said.

I rolled my eyes before getting up from the bed "ugh" I said throwing myself back into the bed again but Mattheo wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me back up, "Mattheo" I said rolling my eyes and letting my head to fall on his chest, "come on y/n u cant stay in bed all day" he said "umm yes I can" I responded, "at least eat and then come back up here to sleep" he said "deal" I walked over to the door
unwrapping mattheo's grip on me.

"Wait right now" he said "yes I want to go back in bed" I responded opening the door now waiting for him to leave first, he walked out and I closed the door but as I closed it I looked at mattheo's drawer thinking about what I saw last night, maybe it was a dream I thought "what was a dream" Mattheo asked grabbing hold of my hand "um nothing" I responded still thinking about what I saw last night.

It had to be a dream, at least I will tell myself that, I know Mattheo kills people but to the point we're he has to have stains of there blood on his shirt?, I walked to the kitchen Mattheo next to me as I entered I saw a bunch of appetizers being made by house elves, probably for later, "maybe we shouldn't be in here" I said pausing looking up at Mattheo "lets go back to our room" I said happily trying to leave but he stopped me "y/n u have to eat something" he said "fine" I walked to the fridge grabbing lettuce, spinach and kale setting them down on a empty place so that the house elves don't get mad.

I grabbed fresh fruit, nuts and seed, and lastly I grabbed shredded hard cheese, I started to put them in a bowl and started to make my salad, I soon finished making the salad as I look occasionally at mattheo who keep looking and around and moving around bored, while he was walking around the kitchen he ended up bumping into a elf making the elf drop a plate of pastries.

I sat down on a stool eating the salad and I looked at Mattheo who was just watching the elves and not walking around anymore "go walk around Mattheo" I said laughing a little, he looked at me "wow y/n your so funny" he said sarcastically "i know I really am funny" I said smilling at him as he just ran one of his hands through his hair.

I keep eating my salad, I soon ended eating putting my plate in the sink "oh and Mattheo be careful with the elves" I said turning around looking at him before walking ahead being careful to not hit any elves like Mattheo, I made it out of the kitchen successfully I looked behind me to see Mattheo, "did u bump into any elves" I asked him as he walked over to me "actually I did not" he said down smiling at me.

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