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Y/n pov

Me and Mattheo made it back to the room and I sat at the bed seeing as he took of his shirt, he turned looking at me realizing I was staring and I turned away, he chuckled seeing how red I was, sometimes I forget that we are getting married but that's the whole reason why we are together right now.

He sat down next to me in the bed, I starred at his scars as I rested my head on his chest "I love u y/n" he said I felt my heart melt, I starred up at him "I love u too Mattheo" I said. Mattheo's hand cupped the side of my face as he kissed me and the other moves my leg over his waist. Mattheo pulled me fully on top of him, both legs now straddling his hips, he sat up and leaned his back against the head board, my hands moved to his hair, tugging at it softly.

Mattheo's hands moved to his shirt that I had on, he pulled it off. I ran my hand down mattheo's chest down to the waistband of his sweatpants, he helped me pull them down, his hand went to my waist pulling at my shorts, he slowly took them off as he kissed down my neck leaving big hickeys. I pulled down mattheo's boxers and i saw as his dick sprung out, I widen my eyes looking at it, why does it have to be that big. I gulp looking at it I look back up at Mattheo and he chuckles seeing my reaction, I never actually paid that much attention to the size all I knew is that it was big but from how it looks now seems really big.

Mattheo guided my hips down onto him, his hand took control of my body, moving my hips against him slowly. I moaned as I felt him enter, the grip he had on my hips sent heat to my lower half. Mattheo groaned into my mouth as I took full control. I moved my body against his, gripping on to his hair tightly. Mattheo broke the kiss as he leaned his head back, i kissed his neck leaving marks. My breathing picked up and I moved my hands to his biceps, gripping them tightly.

I gripped his biceps as I pushed back down, my breaths getting louder by each thrust. Mattheo took over when I got tired and flipped us over. My legs wrapped around his waist as he pushed against me, I became a moaning mess feeling mattheo's thrust into me, I moaned as all the pain went away and the pleasure over came, we both moaned as Mattheo pushed in further.

I let out a cry when he began to pull out and back in, his skin meeting mine as he thrusted in. The feeling was so intense I couldn't keep my eyes open, I closed my eyes moaning as I felt him push back in, my breathing was quick and heat spread around my body, making sweat  start to bead around my chest. I felt my release come fast as Mattheo thrusted in, my body shaking from the intense pleasure, I released feeling as it build up.

Mattheo thrusted in more until he released letting out a loud groan as he pulled out. He laid next to me he slowed his breathing down and grabbed his boxers "I'm hungry" I said he chuckled at me "come on get up" he said as he stood up to grab some pants "ugh put the spell" I said he grabbed his wand and casted a spell, he handed me my underwear and I put it on grabbing one of his shirts as well, I put on some pants and went to the bathroom brushing out my hair.

I brushed my teeth and left I went to the door leaving with Mattheo as he was already ready "I'm tired" I rested my head on his shoulder "and ur also hungry" he laughed at me I rolled my eyes at him and we went to the kitchen "I'm going to wait in the living room" he said seeing his dad was in here drinking what it seems like tea, I walked past him since he had a newspaper and it seemed like he didn't even notice I was here.

I grabbed a glass cup and surprisingly he didn't say anything he just left leaving the newspaper, I look at the newspaper seeing a photo as I looked I saw Mattheo and another girl what the hell I thought seeing as they where kissing, I felt tears sting in my eyes as I saw the photo dont cry dont cry dont cry I thought to myself the door opened and I looked up luckily it wasn't Mattheo it was Bella "oh hell dear" she said giving of a wicked smile, I smiled back feeling tears sting in my eyes.

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