C h a p t e r 21

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Y/n pov

I woke up to the sun shinning in my face.

I turn my back facing away from the window to stop the sun from hitting my face.

I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't.

I turn around my back now on the bed as I looked up to the ceiling.

I don't want to get up.
I don't want to deal with Draco.
I just want to sleep.

I stood up from the bed.

Shit I need to go to my room to get clothes.

I went over to the door and walked out taking my cover.

I walked to my room and open the door trying to be quiet.

"I can hear u" mattheo's voice spoke up.

I went over to the bed and threw my cover on it, hitting Mattheo a little bit with the cover.

I went to my closet and looked for clothes.
I forgot my clothes is technically full black.

I grabbed some clothes and put it on the bed.

Mattheo who was on bed looked up at me with a confused look.

I went to the bathroom and went inside the shower.

I finished showering and changed.

I walked out the bathroom just to see Mattheo sitting down on the bed.

Draco keep saying that Mattheo will hurt me and to be honest I don't trust Mattheo and I feel like he would.

He seems like his father in some ways, of course he kills people I know that I'm not stupid, Draco acts like I don't know all this already.

Sure I may like Mattheo a little bit but that dosent mean I'm in love with him or anything.

I walk over to the bed we're Mattheo was and sat down what should I do today.

"u still mad" he said/asked looking at me as I sat nicely on the bed.

"why do u think I'm mad" I asked, I'm not even mad I'm annoyed of Draco, okay maybe I'm a little mad at Draco.

"Cause u stormed out after what Draco said" he said calmly still staring at my figure who was looking anywhere but him.

"I'm mad at Draco not u" I said he didn't say anything just starred I felt his stare on me burning threw me like fire burning a candle slowly and calmly.

we sat in silence not knowing what to say next, the silence wasn't awkward it was rather calm and soothing.

I sighed catching his attention again after he look away from me for a couple of minutes.

"My father wants to talk to us today" he spoke out of no where.

Dear kill me now.

I staid silent not knowing what to say, I don't want to talk to his father I don't mind Voldemort it's just I know he will mention an heir and our arrange marriage and how we have to act like we love each other.

all over the wizarding world it's spreading more and more saying that a malfoy and a riddle are getting married everyone now on keeps looking at me weird someone even asked me if I actually was in love with Mattheo or if I needed help.

Most people already knew but now it's spreading faster and soon it will end up on the daily prophet saying how we will be getting married.

Voldemort wanted everyone to know how we will be married and especially if the wizarding world found out we will have a child they would go crazy.

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