C h a p t e r 33

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Y/n pov

I woke up, my eyes blurry and trying to adjust to the light of the sun coming through a crack in the window curtain.

I open my eyes looking at Mattheo as his head was rested on my chest, I look down at him I do like him, dont I? i can't like him, ok I do like him but not like to the point we're I was in love or something, well not yet at least, from what I'm feeling it's a little crush, I'm pretty sure.

I ran my hands through his curls thinking about how i might have to end up with Asher I don't want to be with him at all, I want the kid dead same for him, he is a fucking dick, literally, that's why I'm pregnant.

I look at Mattheo seeing him as he moved around a little, I keep playing with his hair wrapping his curls around my finger, the door opened and I looked up seeing Draco "this is why I hate coming in here" he said pointing at us I laughed a little trying to sit up but I didn't want to wake Mattheo up.

"Are u okay" he asked me again "yeah I'm fine" I said nodding "no ur not" he said technically responding for me "but I am" I said looking at him confused "but ur not" he said smiling gently walking over and about to sit on the bed but stopped himself "u guys haven't done anything in this, right?" He asked/said "no we have not" I said rolling my eyes at him.

He sat down still not sure if he can trust my word "look y/n I know how u are" he paused before continuing "u are not okay after all this and u still try to be okay y/n, u are literally pregnant with a guys baby that isn't even mattheo's and I mean u are bed right now with the guy u were forced a marriage with about to get forced to another guy who u hate by the way" he said pausing again, I looked at him knowing everything he was saying was true "u arent okay, ur bubbling does emotions up, are u" he said/asked.

"yeah, yeah I'm not okay" I said my voice cracking and my eyes glossing wanting tears to leave my eyes, "it's better to ignore it" I said shrugging and faking a smile at him, I look down at Mattheo seeing as he shifted around trying to get comfortable "look Draco I don't like asher and I hate how I'm forced into this marriage but Mattheo isn't as bad as he seems" i said looking at mattheo's peaceful state.

"I don't hate Mattheo but I do hate asher and I sure as hell don't want to be with him" i paused "i want to stay with Mattheo, I'm kinda developing feelings for him" I said smiling looking down at him "well lucky for u because u already have to get married" he said smiling widely "so funny" I said looking up and rolling my eyes "u like that thing" he said pointing at Mattheo with disgust "please tell me I won't be a uncle yet" he said "you know but with his child" he said.

"Guess what" I said "what" he responded "I'm not promising that" I said smiling again "no baby's for u" he said standing up and pointing at me now and opening the door about to leave but before he did I said  "no getting aurora pregnant" "not promising that" he said peaking his head in before closing the door.

I rolled my eyes at his stupidity and looked back down at Mattheo smiling at how I think about it, everyone thinks he is a rude killer who dosent care yet still here he is, his head on my chest sleeping calmly, it's pretty funny really how everyone thinks he is a monster like his dad yet here he is sleeping calmly right in front of me.

I stare at him seeing as he shuffled around again, i wonder what time it is I thought "it's 11:23" I heard his voice speak up "you barely woke up how would u know" I said rolling my eyes at him "alright then go check what time is it" he said opening his eyes up, I turn looking at the dresser seeing that is was actually 11:23.

I turn back looking at him just to see him smiling at me "I hate u" I said pushing his head off my chest, he looked at me annoyed resting his head on the pillow, I laid a little more under the covers and he pulled me close to him resting his head on top of mine.

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