Come Over

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[Word count: 795 words] 

Mallow's POV (her in the picture)

I hear my bell ring as I quickly get up and straighten my clothes, going to attend the door

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I hear my bell ring as I quickly get up and straighten my clothes, going to attend the door. 

"Hi hi!" I greet him after opening the door.

"Well, hi, someone's jumpy," he says with a chuckle and lets himself in. 

"Me!" I say, walking over to the kitchen and grabbing myself a glass of water. "Want some?" I ask him as I see him moving over to the couch. 

"Yes, please," he says, and I fetch him some water, eagerly sitting beside him. 

"Here," I say as I reach out to hand him the glass of water. 

"Thank you, hun," he says and lightly pats my head. 

I was used to him using cute nicknames with me because he has a habit of using them with everyone, but I've always doubted he has a Daddy space too. He is always caring yet stern and gives headpats when he is pleased. I don't know for sure though, and maybe I never will, but I do know he has made me regress quite a few times except I can usually manage to slip out of it in time and be a big girl again. 

"Of course, heh," I say and smile at him, rubbing my eyes a little.

"The couch or the bedroom?" he asks as he points to my bedroom, probably referring to where we should watch movies.

"Bed, you are too big for the couch," I say and roll my eyes at his 6'3 self. 

"It is too small for anyone but you," he replies and narrows his eyes at me. I was just a mere 4'11. I know there are middle schoolers taller than me, no need to be a meanie.

"Shut up, you're just a giant," I mumble and lightly smack his arm. 

"Sure, I am, lilliputian," he teases and chuckles.

"Hmph, meanie, let's just go to the bed!" I say with furrowed brows, a slight pout forming on my lips.

"You're always pouty, aren't you?" he questions, shaking his head and sighing.

"Shut up! I am not, okay, it is just sometimes, drop me on the bed, please," I request, plopping down more on the couch as I see him trying to get up.

"You're not going to walk, are you?" he asks, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Nope, now plop me there!" I say, smiling slightly.

He sighs and picks me up, carrying me to the bedroom. Not like it takes much of his strength, I'm just mere 97lbs, and he lifts weights heavier than me. 

He throws me down on the bed as I roll around for a while before curling up in a spot good enough and feel him lie down next to me. 

"What movie?" I ask, handing him the remote and scooting close.

"How 'bout Gerald's Game?" he questions, raising a brow at me.

"But it's horror, I hate horror," I whine, shaking my head.

"Oh c'mon, it isn't that scary, and I'm here, so just hide your face whenever, and I'll close it, okay?" he offers as I huff and give in.

"Fiiiine, but do not purposely scare me," I warn and snuggle close to him.

"Of course, I won't," he says, smirking.

"Liar! Do not, please!" I say and smack his chest.

"Okay, okay, I promise, it won't be that bad," he laughs and wraps his arms around me.

"It better not be," I huff and roll my eyes.

"Now, now, is that how you behave?" he asks, raising his brows at me.

", me sorry," I say, slipping into my headspace at the littlest of dominance shown.

"Good girl, rolling your eyes at people is bad," he states, playing with my hair now.

"Mhm, won't do it again," I say, desperate to be the perfect little girl for him.

"You better not, hun," he warns with a chuckle and turns the movie on.

Even though the movie hadn't properly begun yet, I was still scared. Slipping in and out of littlespace in front of Ethan wasn't helping much either and my doubts about him being a Daddy Dom were ever-increasing now but instead of asking him about that, I quietly lay between his arms and watched the movie with the corner of my eye, over half of my face hiding behind his arm. 

"Aww, are you scared already?" he says teasingly, rubbing my back.

"No, I'm not scared. These are just, you know, precautions," I say, coming out of my hiding now and looking at the screen, still holding his arm lightly.

"Sure, they are," he mumbles under his breath and gives me a light squeeze.

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