Joanne & Alex

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Mallow's POV 

Ethan and I had been hanging out regularly, and even more than we did before now. Occasionally he'd be over at my place for some movies, or I'd go over to his to play some video games. It had been really fun, getting to know each other even more. 

It was getting harder to hide the fact that we were, indeed, not just friends from our other friends because when one person is needy and the other one is affectionate, it gets hard to behave not like a couple. 

Last week, while hanging out, Samantha had very coyly said, "You both look like you're secretly dating and trying to hide it. And then failing miserably." 

We had both denied the claims, and we were, technically, not lying. We hadn't even been on any date. We still haven't, so my point stands. We are just more than friends but not exactly dating or anything. 

I think I want to date him, but I want to avoid rushing it or anything. I mean, I was happy with what we are currently being, even if there were no labels — yet. I am not the biggest fan of labels. They're unnecessary. As long as we both are happy with what we are, there's no need of labeling each other as anything besides a person. If that makes any sense.

I receive a text while I was busy calculating the recoiling of a gun. Yay, physics! Not really but anyway, I open the text, and it was from none other than Alex. 

Alex: Haven't seen you around in a while, did that one conversation make you to panic for days?

I sigh and feel internal panic erupt in me as I read that text. I think about telling Ethan about this but decide against it. He was not going to be there whenever something bad happens to me, I need to get used to dealing with some people on my own.

Me: No, but you being an asshole did make me gag.

Alex: Feisty over text, huh?

Me: No, just honest. What do you want?

Alex: Just wanted to make a crybaby cry and thought you were just perfect.

Me: We all remember your petty ass trying to make your girlfriend cry because she talked to another guy, Alex, you're the only crybaby here.

Alex: God, fuck off. You're so annoying.

Me: Likewise.

Alex: You're going to regret this the next time I see your dumb ass.

Me: Go crawl back to the hole you came from and leave me alone.

Alex: Not for long.

Me: Ugh, get lost.

With that, I put my phone down and got up, rolling my eyes at the exchange we just had and walking myself to the kitchen.

I grab a light snack and throw myself on the couch, yawning and rubbing my eyes due to being sleepy. I munch on the potato chips and think about all that had happened in the past few weeks between me, Alex and Joanne.

It was surprising to say the least, but I wasn't exactly disappointed that it happened. It was still a shock, though, and it did take some time for me to recover from it.

It didn't matter a lot now; I was better than before and frankly, it was better this way. I was happier and that's all that matters, right?

To clear all these thoughts, I decide to go out for a walk, something that was a rare occurrence for me. Not because I was lazy, but simply because it had never been a priority to do when I was free.

I put on a sports bra and a very loose oversized vest over it, paired with leggings and shoes. I quickly did my hair up in a tight pony and grabbed a water bottle with me.

I lock the house and start walking towards the direction of my university. It was always pleasant and a little crowded over there, and I liked crowded places for the sole purpose of safety.

I walk rather quickly, clearing my thoughts and trying to forget about whatever had happened because it served zero purpose now. It had done what it had done and nothing could be done to revert it.

"Well, lookie here who we have."

I hear a voice say, making my eyes dart around, alerted.

"Oh, it's you," I sigh to myself as I finally spot Joanne.

Why did today have to go this way? First Alex and now her. Just when I get over their existence, they sneak in like some little parasites, refusing to let go.

"What are you doing here; wasn't one guy enough?" she sneers, raising her brows.

"Didn't know walking was such a slutty move, Joanne, but you would know; you do all those moves all the time, don't you?" I say, smiling innocently.

"Ugh, shut up. You're the one sleeping around with Ethan," she scoffs, rolling her eyes.

"My god, one guy?! Nobody has ever slept with one guy! I am such a man stealer, aren't I?" I gasp.

"Cut down the act. You know what I mean," she says.

"Yeah, I don't have time for you. I hope you get a life soon," I reply, walking past her.

I hear her faint voice say something, but I didn't pay much attention. She can pull a Regina George and let a bus hit her, and I wouldn't mind.

I walk for some more time and when I feel like I was calm enough, I turn around and start walking back.

I was decently tired by now and wanted nothing more than some juice and my bed.

After reaching back home, I hydrate adequately and lay down on the couch again before grabbing my phone and scrolling through some memes.

I receive a text from Ethan, and a smile instantly forms on my lips as I open the message.

Ethan: You busy?

Me: Not really, no, what's up?

Ethan: Wanna go for some movies or to the mall? I'm bored.

Me: Sure, I'll be over at yours in 20, and then we can see what to do

Ethan: Great, make it fast, I miss you

Me: Aww, someone is needy

Ethan: Whatever, just get your ass here

Me: Do not disrespect the ass

Ethan: Oh no, I only have love for it

Me: You better. Anyway, I'll go get ready!

Ethan: Cya

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