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Mallow's POV

A few days passed with Ethan and me getting closer than we were, but as something more than friends.

A few kisses were exchanged here and there while I regressed more openly in front of him now. He would take care of me and treat me just the same when I was out of it, which was something I didn't believe many men would do.

Everything was going smoothly, and I mostly obeyed the rules, not like there were many. Every so often when I was feeling extra cheeky, my butt would meet his palm with a hard swat, which resulted in me instantly behaving properly and returning to being a good girl for him.

I hadn't cut since the Alex and Joanne incident, and I had even managed to eat properly, somewhat. One proper meal a day for a good few continuous days was a massive achievement for me, and it made Ethan happy. I was delighted about both those things.

I am now patiently sitting on my bed, scrolling through some random Netflix movies and eating some popcorn.

Soon, my eyes fall on the Bee Movie, something I had added to my watching list while in littlespace which instantly caused me to start regressing a little.

Not being able to tell myself a no, I click on it and start watching it. My eyes becoming more and more curious as the movie proceeds further.

I am soon cuddling my bear stuffie, Brownie and concentrating completely on the movie.

As I see Ken trying to squash and kill Barry the bee, I hold on to Brownie tighter and reach for my phone, opening Ethan's chat.

Me: Ken...kill Barry... Dada, he kill Barry, bad bad Ken!

Ethan: Are you watching the Bee Movie again, sweetheart?

Me: Uh huh, Ken very bads, me no likes him

Ethan: Of course not. Need me to come over?

Me: Yesh, please

Ethan: I'll be over in about half an hour, doing something now. Behave while I'm not there.

Me: Will do, daddy

Ethan: Good girl

With that, I put the phone away and wait for him to come over. A little disappointed at the fact that he would be here later than I had wanted.

After watching the movie for a while, I get up and go fetch myself some ice cream, getting back on bed later and enjoying eating it straight from the tub.

I feel the need of some chocolate chips, so I get up again and get some. Mixing them with the ice cream, I enjoy it and don't realize that I was quickly through with all of it.

"Uh oh," I say to myself and then grab the chocolates he had brought over the last time he came, slowly eating them one by one.

Finally full, I lay on the bed and giggle at the movie, licking and sucking on my fingers in between.

I hear the bell ring and instantly hop up and go to open it. I smile wide as I see Ethan standing there.

I make grabby hands at him and look up at him.

"Use your words, princess," he orders, closing the door behind him.

"Uppie, dada," I mumble, stretching out my hands further.

"C'mere," he says and picks me up.

I wrap my legs around him and put my arms around his neck, resting my face on his shoulder as he walks to my room.

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