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T/W for an-r-x-a (o, e, i) / s-lf h-rm (e, a)
This chapter might be triggering for some people so read at your own risk. Here Mallow suffers with anorexia and self harming tendencies. Do not read if all that is triggering for you although all of it is discussed in a positive manner. DO NOT MAKE FUN OF ANY OF THOSE TOPICS. I struggle with those things myself and absolutely do not entertain anything or anyone believing that those things are okay to joke about because they are not. Have fun!

Mallow's POV

"Alright then. Tell me if you don't like any of them, so we can change them, okay?" he informs, stroking my hair. 

I nod at the statement, and he takes my pacifier out which makes me pout and whine a little. 

"You will have to speak up, sweetheart, as soon as we're done, you can have the paci back," he says and kisses my pouty lips making me giggle. 

"Okayyy!" I agree and smile, hugging him tightly as he chuckles and pecks my nose.

"You are just about the cutest little thing ever," he says and pinches my cheeks a little. 

"Am not!" I exclaim, covering my cheeks and smiling at him.

"Yes, you are, shush," he shushes me and turns his attention back to the rules.

"Should I start reading out the rules, cutie?" he asks and places a hand on my thigh.

"Mhm, start!" I affirm with a little nod. 

"Here are the rules, honey,

1. Always have atleast one proper meal every day. If you skip a meal, tell me. This applies when you are not in littlespace too. 
2. Early bedtime, no staying up late unless you ask me, or you're going to be cranky, which is not good.
3. No sweets in littlespace without asking.
4. No self hating or self harming. Just talk to me when you're feeling low, and we can talk it out from there. 
5. Address me as you want but always be respectful. 
6. Do not disobey when you know what I am doing is good for your little self.
7. Always tell me if something is making you uncomfortable, or you simply don't want to do it. 

All of them clear?" he asks and looks at me. 

"No early bedtime!" I whine and keep my head buried in his shoulder.

"You're a sleepyhead, silly, that one will be easy for you," he jokes and kisses my forehead. 

"Nuh uh, sleep when I want to, please?" I ask, knowing showing proper manners and not demanding it will definitely make him soften up.

"How about bedtime early when I'm physically not there and whenever we both want to sleep if we're together?" he negotiates, and I nod in approval. 

"And...everything else is okay but, um, a request, please?" I ask, looking at him.

"What is it, sweetie?" he asks and caresses my cheek. 

"Erm, rule four... I'm okay with it, but can you do warnings before punishment for the self-hate and no punishment for self harm because it makes me feel like I'd do wrong, regardless of what I do, which will make me feel worse? Please?" I request, biting my lip and obviously nervous. 

"Of course, my love, but try not to. You're too precious to be harmed by anybody. Even yourself," he agrees and a sigh of relief follows as he kisses my hand. 

"Will try and the first rule, if I throw up or something and actually can't eat, can we just let it be? I promise I won't misuse it," I question, looking at him.

"Hmm, okay, but only tell me that when you really can't eat, okay?" he answers as I smile at his affirmation.

"Yes! Thank you!" I exclaim happily and hug him. 

"Of course, my little cutie," he chuckles and hugs me back.

"Daddy, cuddles," I say and pout, looking at him.

"You need to take a bath first, sweetie," he replies and pats my butt.

"But cuddles," I mumble and furrow my brows.

"Bath first and cuddles later," he informs, and kisses my forehead.

"No want baf," I whine and shake my head.

"Get ready for the bath, hun," he orders, petting my hair.

"Nuuu, no baf, only cuddles!" I huff.

"You can have your toys in the bath, little one," he teases, stroking my hair.

"Baf toys?!" I exclaim, getting excited.

"Yes, yes, bath toys. Quickly get ready for a bath while I prepare the water, okay?" he says and smiles at me being excited.

"Yesh, we can baf together then!" I say, clapping my hands and smiling wide.

"How about you take a bath and I stay here and pick out your clothes?" he offers and puts his arms around me.

"No wanna baf alone," I mumble and look at him with huge doe eyes.

"You'll be with your toys, sweetheart, not alone," he says, which causes me to huff in annoyance and smash my head into his chest, making him chuckle and pat my head.

"Wanna baf with daddy," I whine and frown, wrapping arms around him.

"Are you sure you want him to see you all nakie nakie when he can tickle you?" he says and tickles my sides lightly, causing me to giggle and laugh.

"No tickles! Just me and daddy in baf!" I manage to say between laughs.

"Hmm, alright, bath first and then cuddles," he confirms and kisses the top of my head before picking me up and walking up to my room.

We reach my room soon enough as he puts me sets on the bed. He starts removing my clothes and tickles me lightly in between, earning a giggle or some laughs from me when he does.

Soon enough, I'm naked, and he picks me up again and carries me to the bathroom this time.

"Toys, forgot toys," I inform and look at him.

"You wait here, baby, I'll get the toys," he says and goes to set me down.

"Nu, wanna go with you," I reply and keep clinging to him.

"Someone likes being clingy, huh?" he teases and holds me up again.

"Me me me, daddy!" I say excitedly and smile.

"Yes, you, cutie," he agrees and kisses my nose. "My good little angel."

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