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[Word count: 950 words]

Ethan's POV 

She is giggling in her bathtub as I sit outside it, watching her have fun with the bubbles and play with her toys. She is the most adorable thing ever. 

"Daddy! Baf with me!" she says, scooting over and looking at me. 

"Then who is going to actually wash you and get you out of there before you catch a cold?" I ask, chuckling at her disappointed face which is just a small pout and looking down with a sigh. 

"Daddy no baf?" she asks, looking at me with those doe eyes, knowing they almost always work on me. 

"Come here and let him wash you first," I tell her, pointing to the edge of the tub near me. 

She quickly scoots over and comes near me, splashing some water onto me. 

I laugh and hold her by her shoulders, beginning to wash her a little, careful not to go irritate some recent cuts, if any. 

There were a few, around five. They were less than before, but that didn't help me from hating it and anyone who makes her do that to her precious self. 

I sigh when I notice her flinch a little when I accidentally put some soap water over one of them, knowing they were fresh. She looks down in the water but turns her attention back to her unicorn toy. 

"Sweetie, when and why did you do this?" I question, caressing her skin softly and then washing over her little tummy, not touching her breasts without permission and honoring her and her consent, not wanting to take advantage of her vulnerability. 

"It's nuffin," she quickly answers, shaking her head. 

"Don't lie," I reply sternly, washing her legs now. 

She scratches her head, pouting a little and looking at me. 

"Hmm?" I ask, raising my brows at her. 

"Was two days ago," she says, frowning and putting her head on my arm. 

"Why?" I ask, feeling a stab in my chest for not being able to help her out of whatever caused her to do that to herself. It killed me inside every time I saw her punish herself like this, for something she didn't even do. 

"Uh...bad memories...triggers..." she whispers, her expression changing from a simple frown to as if she was about to have a meltdown. 

"Just memories, or did someone do something?" I ask, knowing she would not be able to answer without a few tears, but also the fact that she would probably hide it and never let it out if I didn't press on the subject now.

"Nuffin, was nuffin, it okay now," she replies, snuggling into my arm as an attempt to distract me. 

"Hmm, if you say so, cutie pie," I say, letting it go. For now. 

"Mhm! Ducks!" she exclaims and gives me one rubber duck, giggling as I look at her after taking it. 

"Someone likes ducks," I say as I notice her get busy with the duck toys. 

"Me! They small and cute!" she says, nodding excitedly. 

"Like you," I chuckle, aware that she would never accept either of those things. 

"Nooo! Ducks cuter!" she says, pointing to a little duck toy. 

"Fine, ducks can be the cutest thing for you, and you can be the cutest thing for me," I state, looking at her duck toy. 

"Fiiine!" she reluctantly agrees and gives the toys her undivided attention as I watch her enjoy herself. 

"The water is getting cold now, baby, you'll catch a cold if you don't come out," I say after about 5 minutes. 

She was prone to getting sick due to being careless. 

"No! Some more time! Won't get sick!" she pleads, licking her lips. 

"Nope, out. Now." I order, getting up myself.

She splashes some more water on me instead, getting my shirt wet. 

"Out before I have to throw you over my shoulder," I say, rubbing my neck because I knew she was not going to make this easy at all. 

"No! Wanna stay in baf!" she demands, shaking her head vigorously. 

I simply pick her up and throw her wet body over my shoulder as she giggles and squirms a little. I roll my eyes at her and stand her on her bed again. 

"Now, let's dry this little baby," I tease, grabbing a towel.

"Not a baby!" she protests, stomping her foot.

"Sure you aren't," I comment sarcastically.

I start wiping and drying her body with the towel as she wiggles around, making me chuckle at her instincts and pat her head softly. 

"Now, what would you like to wear, sweetheart?" I ask, booping her nose. 

"Onesie, SpongeBob onesie," she says, pointing to her closet.

I go there and open it, grabbing some casual underwear first and then the onesie before going back to her and laying her clothes out for her. 

"Need my help putting them on or will you do it yourself, cupcake?" I question, putting my hands in the small of her back. 

"Put them on, please," she says like the perfect little girl, looking at me. 

I grab her underwear first, putting them on her as she blushes a little and giggles when I put on her bra. 

"Boobies!" she says excitedly, bouncing her own breasts. 

I laugh at the sight and grab the onesie, unzipping it. 

"You like your boobies, huh?" I tease, putting the onesie on her as she holds on to my shoulders to stay still.

"I like all boobies," she says, and turns around for me to zip her clothes up.

I quickly zip it up and then carry her in my arms down to the living room.

"Now cuddles!" she gasps happily and snuggles close to my chest.

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