A Date? (2)

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[Word count: 1005 words]

A/N: so I forgot to add Ethan's outfit in the last chapter (when I first published it) it is available in that chapter too now. Anyway, his outfit is given below! 

 Anyway, his outfit is given below! 

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Mallow's POV 

We reach the cinema hall and I check the time to find out that it was only 8:32 pm, despite some of the interesting things that had happened earlier. 

The line is pretty long and I am impatient so naturally, I huff and look at Ethan with furrowed brows. 

"What's wrong?" he inquires, caressing my cheek with his thumb. 

"The line is too long!" I shout but not loud enough to create a scene. 

He looks at me with a sympathetic smile and kisses the top of my head. 

"How about we have dinner now and watch the movie after eating?" he offers, running his hand through my hair. 

I nod at the idea and snuggle into his chest, feeling thankful for him being naturally calm and patient. "That sounds better, yeah," I agree, wrapping my arms loosely around him and keeping my head rested on his chest. 

"You okay, sweetie?" he asks and rubs my back slowly. 

"Mhm, just needed a hug," I reply and smile brightly at him. 

"Inform me if something is wrong, alright?" he states and I nod in agreement, giving him one last squeeze before letting go. 

He holds my hand and guides me out, looking around on the road. 

"Where to, m'lady?" he jokes and I laugh at his silliness. 

There were a number of restaurants to choose from, the street was filled with them and the city looked alive at night; not enough people appreciating the beauty, though. 

"Hmm, I think some Italian seems nice, but we can go somewhere else if you like," I answer and he tucks me under his arm. 

"Italian it is," he approves and starts walking towards the only Italian restaurant in our sight. 

It looked pretty posh; a little too posh for my liking but I think I can manage it. 

We get ourselves a table and enjoy the view of the city from the second floor. 

I start feeling needy in the middle of it all and don't realize when a pout forms on my lips but stay shut about it. 

I make sure to mentally curse my hormones before my period even began. I was, indeed, very much fed up with mother nature. I simply fail to see the point of it all; the hormones making you go crazy.

"What has gotten my little cupcake all whiny?" Ethan queried and lifted up my chin to look at him. 

"Stupid hormones, they're making me all needy but we're out and it's annoying. Everything is annoying. I just want a cuddle," I rant, making zero sense. 

"C'mere," he says and pats his lap. 

"But we're out," I mumble and look at him.

"Nobody is in sight and I don't want my baby to suffer because she can't get some love," he says and boops my nose. 

I get up and sit in his lap, cuddling up to him. 

He kisses my forehead and plays with my hair, whispering sweet things in my ear. 

"Does your head hurt, honey?" he asks and wraps his arms around me. 

I shake my head and lay my head on his chest. It was a lie, I did have a headache but I didn't want to ruin the night. Besides, it wasn't anybody's fault. It hurt because of stuff going on inside my body which, practically, couldn't be controlled. 

"If you are certain, my love. We don't need to stay if you don—"

I cut him off by placing my lips on his, obviously catching him off guard, but he catches on quickly enough and kisses me back, holding me by my waist. 

I pull away and look at him with a smile. "I do want to stay and if you say that one more time, we are leaving," I threaten and he chuckles at my statement. 

"Alright, alright, I won't say it again," he assures me and pecks my lips. 

"Good! Imagine how it'd look if you kept offering me to leave on a date," I say, rolling my eyes at him. 

"A date, huh?" he repeats, smirking and I blush instantly at what I had said. 

"Don't push it, babe," I reply and kiss his cheek. 

He holds his hand up in a surrendering manner and holds me close against him. 

A waiter arrives shortly after and introduces himself as Walter. 

I quickly get up and try to get to my seat but Ethan pulls me back as if it was nothing and smiles at Walter. 

"What would you like to eat tonight, sir?" Walter asks and gives us both a smile. 

I try to hide to hide the blush on my cheeks but fail and calm down when Ethan pats my head. 

"I would like a Risotto with Caprese Salad," he orders for himself. 

"Um, I'd have some Pesto Pasta and Spinach Salad," I answer and give the waiter a small smile. 

"Your food will be here shortly, thank you," he says and leaves after scribbling down our orders. 

"Walter seemed nice," I say and look at Ethan. 

"Yeah, he was alright," he agrees and nods, stretching back on his chair. 

"And he didn't seem to mind me sitting in your lap," I murmur, laughing. 

"That's a huge plus, though, I am pretty sure anyone would love to be in my position right now," he comments and pulls me back on him. 

I blush at the comment. "I don't know. I doubt most people are dumb enough to want to serve as a seat for me at a restaurant," I say and kiss his face all over. 

"Well, there's always going to be one person dumb enough to want to do that," he replies and laughs as I kiss his face. 

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