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So, I have often come across comments on some dd/lg books that very clearly highlight that the person doesn't have much information about it and believes it is only a kink. 

First and foremost, this book does NOT have display of littlespace in the form of a mere kink. Please seek for other books if that is what you'd like. 

Second, I think it is important to atleast educate the readers about basic psychology about age regression. 

Most of us know that age regression causes us to act younger than we are but that is not all that it is. It has many psychological causes and benefits. 

Mostly, people use this space to handle trauma or stress. Sometimes it is even recommended in therapy. It can help anyone escape stress, remember traumatic memories that had been closed off by the brain due to trauma and sometimes even hidden aspects of one's personality. 

But, this is intentional regression. Some of us have regressed without wanting to regress or we might get obsessed with regression. 

In that case, we need immediate therapy. Not because it is considered taboo or 'wrong', but because it means one probably has one or several mental disorders. 

Our brain causes us to regress to escape from the stress, trauma and/or anger. 

If you regress often, you should get checked out for these disorders: 

1. Schizophrenia 
2. Dissociative identity disorder 
3. Schizoaffective disorder
4. post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
5. Major depressive disorder
6. Dementia 
7. Borderline personality disorder

Moreover, age regression is a defense mechanism. It helps a person to relieve stress. It is in NO way sexual or close to it. 

I myself used to age regress (I still do, sometimes) and I am now diagnosed with PTSD and major depressive disorder. This is a serious issue and needs to be taken care of before it gets too out of hand. 

Age regression is not 'wrong', it is a sign of underlying issues (if it happens too often) and  a safe space for everybody. Please make sure to stay around people who understand what it is and don't judge you. Try to get help if you regress too often whenever you can! 

In the story, Mallow too has underlying trauma (as shown when Joanne yelled at her) and major depressive disorder. She will STOP regressing by the end of this book (which is far) which is actually a good sign for her mental well-being.

Thank you for reading this and do read more about it or ask me if you have any queries. This is something very serious and should NOT be taken lightly. 

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