My Puppy?

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[Word count: 1308 words]

Ethan's POV 

Mallow opens her eyes slightly and squints them, probably trying to process what had happened. 

"Where am I? What happened?" she murmurs, scratching her head. 

"You're in your room, honey, and a lot happened," I answer, not willing to get into it right now as she needed proper rest before putting the stress of knowing exactly what happened. 

"Ethan? What are you doing here?" she questions and tries to sit up. 

"Lay down, it's okay," I say but she pushes herself to sit up.

"Why do you care?" she rhetorically asks and rolls her eyes. "Ow, my head."

"I can explain," I sigh, disappointed at the fact that she remembered everything. Well, most of it, anyway.

"There's no need, really. Just leave. I've heard enough," she calmly tells me, rubbing her head a little. "And thanks for all this, I guess," she shrugs, pointing to the bandaged cuts.

"Will you please give me a chance to explain? I'll leave if you want me to after that but you can atleast know what exactly you heard," I reply, looking into her eyes and hating myself a little at the thought that I was the reason there was sadness in them, even though it was not intentional.

"You have five minutes. Fuck right off after they're up," she coldly answers, her eyes going from sad to something much worse; numbness.

They looked almost lifeless. The same eyes that were shining with happiness a few days ago, with anger a few hours ago and sadness just a moment ago were now numb, showing zero emotion at all. It was hard to read her like this; if she was sad and wanted an explanation or if I'd be thrown out even after the explanation in the next five minutes.

"It might ruin your birthday surprise but there's only about an hour left so might as well," I say, checking the time. 

"The bullshit is wasting my time, get to the point, Ethan," she states, looking straight in my eyes.

"Right. Well, before you called, Zach came over with Joanne because he didn't know who she was and what exactly she wanted except to see me. I wasn't pleased when she came over but she invaded my house. I was going to throw her out but she saw...your birthday gift and threatened to ruin the surprise if I threw her out. So, I let her stay, reluctantly," I inform, hoping that'd clear her doubts. 

"Doesn't explain why you didn't want to come over but okay," she says and shrugs her shoulders. 

"There's nothing that I want more than to hold you close, Mallow, please believe me," I mumble. "Anyway, so, your birthday surprise is precisely what kept me from coming over. I got you something you have wanted for a while now, a puppy. And to take care of that puppy, I had to stay at my place for the night because I had to bring it over at yours in the morning as the gift. But I guess I can throw surprising you out the window now," I tell her the whole story, frowning as I realize the 'surprise' wasn't a surprise anymore. 

"You- you got me a puppy?!" she squeals, her eyes getting wide with wonder. 

"A samoyed puppy, wanna see?" I ask, smiling as she finally lets go of her anger. 

"Yes, of course I do!" she exclaims and nods excitedly. 

I show her the pictures of the puppy and she 'aww's at most of them, already loving him. 

"Oh my god! This is so cute! I can't believe you actually got me a puppy!" she screams and hugs me tightly. 

"You were throwing me out less than five minutes ago," I mumble and roll my eyes. 

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