Wake Up, Daddy

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Mallow's POV

I wake up snuggled up between daddy's arms and wearing his shirt, smiling at the memories of last night. 

I try to shake him to wake him up but he lets out an annoyed sigh in his sleep and I stop, frowning and looking at him. 

He has told me not to wander off in the house when I am little and I do not want to disobey him but I have no idea what else to do either so I keep looking around in my room and wait for daddy to wake up. 

After a few minutes I hear my tummy growl and mumble a quiet 'uh oh' to myself. 

I am not allowed to make food for myself but daddy was asleep so I try to wake him up again. 

"Daddy! Wakey wakey!" I chant and shake him again. 

It goes useless and he doesn't move an inch. 

"Daddy...me hungy, wakey, pease," I whine, on the brink of crying. 

Ethan's POV

I hear Mallow whining and crying so I wake right up, thinking it was probably another nightmare but she was repeating 'daddy, wakey' which made me realize that she was in littlespace. 

"Sweetheart, daddy is up. What's wrong?" I ask, pulling her close to me. 

"You no wakey and me was hungy," she sniffs and buries her head in my chest. 

"Daddy is sorry, little one. What would my baby like to eat?" I inquire and pet her head softly. 

"Bown ice cream," she mumbles and looks at me. 

She calls chocolate ice cream that due to not being able to pronounce 'chocolate' correctly when she is little. 

"We don't have ice cream for breakfast," I state, knowing she would throw a tantrum about it now. 

"Me wants bown," she repeats and pouts.

I sigh at her stubborn self and mentally tell myself not to melt because of her little pout. 

"Sweetie, you can have ice cream later. We can eat real food now, okay?" I negotiate, buttoning up her shirt completely. 

"Nuuu! No want yucky food," she whines and furrows her brows at me. 

"Yucky food is the only food you're getting. Tell daddy what you want to eat before he makes you eat lots of veges," I threaten her and stoke her hair gently. 

"Nuffin, me no wanna nom," she huffs and turns her head away from me. 

I pick her up and walk to the kitchen with her in my arms, placing her on the counter. 

She fixes her eyes onto everything but me, keeping up her little tantrum. 

"Angel, throwing tantrums is bad. Would you like some pancakes?" I offer, putting my arms around her waist. 

"Daddy mean, he says he give lots of veges. Me no likes veges," she rambles and frowns. 

"He will not give you veges if you are a good girl," I reply, patting her head. 

"Cans me nom later, daddy?" she asks and looks at me with doe eyes. 

"No, let me make some pancakes and we can do whatever you like later," I answer and start preparing to make pancakes, keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn't fall. 

She whines and keeps protesting, trying to get me to stop but all her tries go waste and soon enough, I place a plate of pancakes in front of her. 

"Are you going to eat yourself or do I need to feed you?" I question, pouring some chocolate syrup on them. 

"Dada feed me!" she answers, clearly regressing further. 

I begin feeding her and make sure to hold up small bites. 

I pour some orange juice in her sippy cup and occasionally make her drink some of it. 

"Daddy, cans me sits in your lap?" she asks sweetly and looks up at me. 

I pick her up and wrap her legs around me, one of my hands holding her up by her back and the other one carrying the food. I put the food down on the table and sit on the couch with her in my lap. 

"Better now, cupcake?" I ask and she nods excitedly, opening her mouth for another bite. 

After finishing all her food, she giggles and points to her monkey stuffie, blabbing about how it has no idea about how to properly hold a tea cup at the tea party with the other stuffies. 

"Daddy, me wants kisses," she states, looking at me.

"And how do we ask?" I question, raising my brows. 

"Cans me has kisses, daddy?" she rephrases her sentences like a good girl. 

"Such an adorable baby," I whisper before kissing her face all over.

She giggles when I kiss her and curls up in my lap as I start stroking her hair gently. 

"What are you thinking about, princess?" I ask after noticing her lay silently for a while. 

"Nuffin, daddy," she mumbles and grabs my hand, sucking on my thumb. 

I let her hold my hand and suck on my thumb, using my free hand to rub her shoulders gently as she keeps sucking and slowly closing her eyes in between. 

"Are you still a sleepy little girl?" I inquire and tickle her a little, causing her to laugh and hold my hand tighter. 

"Me no sleepy. Me likes cuddling daddy lots," she answers, hiding her face in my stomach. 

"Daddy loves cuddling his little cupcake too," I reply and kiss the top of her head. 

"Then why he never ask for cuddles?" she asks with furrowed brows. 

"Because you always make sure he is getting lots of cuddles, little one," I answer and she lets out an 'oh'. 

"Daddy, cans me ask you something?" she questions and sits up in my lap now.

"What is it, cutie?" I ask, curious about what her little brain wants to ask. 

"Ummm, pomise me you won't be angy," she utters and holds up her pinky finger. 

"I promise I won't be angry. Now, tell me," I say and lock my pinky finger into hers. 

"Yesh, don't be angy. Me wants a pet, cans we get one?" she asks and looks at me with her doe eyes. 

"Stellina, how are you going to take care of the pet when you can't take care of yourself?" I sigh, rubbing her little head. 

She pouts and glares at me, crossing her arms over her chest. "Nu, me wants a pet. Me will take care of it, please!" she pleads, wrapping her little arms around me. 

"We can think about it," I answer, knowing I was not going to think about it at all. 

"Nu! Now! Me wants a pet now!" she demands and wiggles around. 

"Se continui così, l'unica cosa che otterrai sarà una punizione, quindi ti suggerisco di iniziare a comportarti bene prima che ti debba battere il culo, micetta," I warn her, holding her firmly. If you keep this up the only thing you will get is a punishment, so I suggest you start behaving before I have to beat your ass, kitten.

She gulps hard at my statement and starts fiddling with her fingers.

"That's better," I comment and watch her squirm around in my lap. 

"Ethan...I want a pet," she murmurs, out of littlespace now but still asking for the same thing. 

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