Periods Suck

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Mallow's POV 

I wake up beside Ethan who was still sleeping and gently kiss his forehead. 

I feel my panties still being wet and rub my forehead in confusion. 

Sure, what happened in the morning was good but it shouldn't have me wet after a good nap, I think to myself. 

"Oh no," I whisper to myself as my eyes go wide, finally realizing what it actually was. 

I rush to the bathroom and sigh as I notice blood on my panties. 

Here we go again, I sigh and quickly change my panties after pushing in a tampon and lie down beside Ethan again, trying to sleep. 

I huff as I am unable to fall asleep due to the cramps and some back pain, getting up to fetch myself some water and switching on the TV to put on some movies to pass time. 

Lying down on the couch, I try to relax and not focus on what had happened on this very couch before I took a nap and woke up to, well, this. 

Time Skip (2 hours)

Ethan's POV 

I wake up and try to pull Mallow close to me but quickly realize the bed beside me was cold and she had probably been awake for a while. 

I walk out of her room and check the other room to see if she was studying. 

Huh, where could she be? I wonder and go to the kitchen, thinking maybe she was doing the dirty dishes we left in the morning. 

After another unsuccessful attempt, I start walking to get my phone again but notice the TV turned on and on mute while she was curled up on the couch, sleeping and shuffling her positions often. 

Assuming it was probably a bad dream, I sit beside her before turning the TV off and place her head in my lap, playing with her hair. 

She fidgets around in her sleep and finally wakes up and rubs her eyes. 

"How was your nap?" I ask, caressing her cheek. 

"No good, my tummy hurts and so does my back," she mumbles, looking down at her stomach. 

"What happened?" I question, rubbing her back softly and kissing the top of her head. 

"My ovaries and mother nature decided to betray me," she sighs, relaxing a little bit.

"Aww, I'm sorry, cuore mio, should I get some heat pads?" I offer and keep rubbing her back. 

She shakes her head a little and closes her eyes again. 

"You stay," she utters, holding onto my arm. 

"Your tummy is going to keep hurting then, sweetie, let me get up one time?" I try to negotiate, knowing she was going to be needy for a few days. 

"Nuh uh," she answers and tightens her grip. 

"I will be back in 10 seconds, I promise," I reply and look at her furrowed brows. 

"No, daddy, you stay. It okay," she says, clearly slipping into littlespace. 

I gently pick her up and then search for the heat pads, finding them after a few minutes while she whines and pouts on my shoulder. 

I sit down on the couch again and lay her head in my lap, handing a heat pad but she looks at me while holding it. 

"Turn around, cupcake," I tell as I realize she wasn't big enough to know what to do with it yet. 

She listens and turns around, laying on her stomach now. 

I apply the heat pad on her lower back and turn her around again. 

"The pain will get better now, love," I state and kiss her forehead. 

"Fank you, daddy," she says and smiles at me. 

"You're welcome, cutie," I answer and boop her nose, making her giggle. 

"Daddy, me wants chocolate," she states and sits in my lap, nibbling on her lower lip.

"No biting your lip," I order and she stops immediately. "Let's get my cupcake some chocolates." 

"Yay! You the best, daddy," she squeals happily and makes grabby hands at me.

I pick her up and brush her hair out of her face before walking to the kitchen. 

"No no, daddy, they no here," she interrupts and makes me stop and look at her. "Me kept them in my room so you no stop me from nomming them," she tells me proudly. 

"That's going to land you in some big trouble, little one," I warn her and she realizes that her 'secret' was not so secret anymore. 

"Nu, me sholly, daddy, me no nom any. Me just hid them," she confesses, looking at me with her best puppy dog eyes. 

I chuckle at her actions and pinch her cheek. 

"Maybe we can let it slide this time," I say and walk to her room. "Where have you hidden them?" 

"Me won't tells you. You will punish me," she replies and wiggles around in my arms. 

"How about you grab them and I promise to not look?" I offer and put her down. 

"Yesh, pinky pomise?" she asks, holding out her pinky finger. 

"Yes, ma'am," I answer and give her my pinky promise. 

"Silly daddy, me no ma'am, me is cupcake," she giggles and makes me laugh. 

"Yes, cupcake, I pinky promise," I rephrase and turn around. 

"Yesh, fank you," she says and I hear her walking around for a few seconds before tapping my leg.

"Uppie," she says and holds out her hands with a jar full of chocolates. 

"Bad girl, you don't hide so much candy from daddy," I scold her, looking down at her. 

"Me sholly, dada, but me no nom them without permission, pomise," she apologizes, frowning. 

"That's my good girl, don't hide chocolates from daddy again," I state and start walking out. 

She nods and grabs my hand, sucking on my thumb. 

"Baby, where did you keep your paci?" I ask as she keeps sucking and doesn't let me take my thumb out. 

"Me no remembers," she mumbles around my thumb and continues holding onto my hand. 

"Let daddy go look for it?" I ask, not wanting to leave her alone when little. 

"Nu," she answers and holds it tighter. 

"You don't want your adorable panda paci? You didn't even grab Brownie from your room, little one. They're lonely without you," I tell her and she gasps loudly. 

"Me wants Bownie and paci!" she exclaims and starts running to her room but I catch her and give her a finger to hold. 

"No running around, you can get hurt, sweetie," I say and walk to her room. 

She grabs her stuffie immediately and sits on the bed while I look for her paci. 

After finding it, I put it in her mouth and she starts sucking on it while holding Brownie close to herself. 

I sit beside her and stroke her hair while she curls up in my lap, spooning her stuffie. 

She soon falls asleep and doesn't fidget around this time. 

I smile at how adorable she looks and kiss her cheek before pulling the duvet over her. 

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