A Date? (4)

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Mallow's POV 

"Better now?" he asks and kisses my forehead.

"Uh huh. Thank you," I answer and nod, being big again but a bit more relaxed.

"Of course, sweetheart. Your cake is about to be here," he replies and I nod excitedly.

True to his word, Walter appears again but with the cake this time and places it in front of us.

"Enjoy and call me when you're finished eating," he informs and goes away once again.

I start eating and feel a void in my soul get filled as I taste the chocolate.

"Have some with me," I tell Ethan and hold up some cake against his lips.

He takes a small bite and pats my head. "It's great, my love, but you can have all of it. I'll eat it if some of it is left," he replies and brings the remaining of it in front of me.

I frown at him but he encourages me to eat more of it so I comply but leave a little less than half of it for him.

"Am full, have this," I say and wipe my face and hands.

He raises a brow as if questioning my statement but I give him a nod and he picks some of it up and takes a bite.

He still makes sure to give me a bite once in a while and calls Walter over after we are finished.

He lifts me up to grab his wallet and goes to pay the tab.

I stop him and shake my head. "No, I'll pay half of it."

"You can do it the next time, cutie," he answers and tries to put the money down.

"No! I said half means half!" I declare and reach out to pay half the money.

He rubs his temple and lets me pay but his jaw is visibly clenched.

Walter leaves with a smile after receiving his tip and I turn to face Ethan again.

"Sorry..." I mumble and look down, my eyes fixed on my hands.

"For what?" he questions to make sure I knew why I was apologizing.

"For yelling and being a brat..." I answer meekly and do not dare to look at him.

"Exactly. If you wanted to pay half the bill, you should've calmly told me and even resisted me paying all of it but yelling and throwing a tantrum was not right," he states and I nod with a small frown, resting my head on his chest.

"Won't happen again, am sorry," I reply and wrap my arms around his neck and snuggle into his shoulder.

"Good. I love you," he says and gets up with me clung to him.

"I love you too and am sorry," I repeat and keep my face hidden into him.

"Hey, no need to apologize repeatedly. It's alright," he informs and starts walking out.

"Now movies?" I ask and stay close to him, feeling him rubbing small circles on my back.

"If you're not tired, love," he answers and kisses my cheek.

I check the time and it was 10:57 pm already which explained why I was getting sleepy.

"Sleepy," I murmur and close my eyes, knowing I'd fall asleep any minute.

"Let's get you tucked up then," he says and walks towards his car.

"Mhmm," I hum in response and feel myself slowly drifting off to sleep.

He opens the car door and lays me down on the backseat and I curl up to produce some warmth.

He turns on the heater after sensing I was a little cold and starts driving.

The car ride was a blur and soon enough, I was being carried inside my own house.

Ethan opened my room and put me on the bed and went away.

I whine as I sense the loss of touch.

"You can't sleep in that dress, honey, you need to change," he states and sits near me with my night clothes in hand.

I shake my head and try to pull the covers up but he stops me and pulls me up again.

"I don't wanna. Change my clothes. Am too sleepy," I mumble, falling asleep again.

He sighs and begins stripping my clothes off one by one and then puts me in more comfortable clothes before pulling up the duvet.

I feel him get up and make his way out but I whimper softly at his actions and hold his hand.

"Don't go," I whisper and grip his hand tightly.

"I need to get home and sleep, sweetie," he says and begins opening my braid to make me more comfortable.

"Sleep here," I offer and shift to make space for him.

Before he can open his mouth to protest, I mumble out a 'please' and he finally gives in.

"Okay, okay, atleast let me remove these clothes?" he asks and I nod, releasing his hand and trying to open my eyes to make sure he was not going to leave.

As said, he removes his clothes and strips down to just his boxers before getting in the bed with me and wrapping me up in his arms.

I inhale his scent and smile.

"Oh, um, can I wear your shirt? Don't like this tank top," I ask sheepishly, wanting to sleep in his shirt.

"Sure, I'll put it on you," he answers and picks it up from the floor, removing my top and putting me in his shirt, keeping the first few buttons unbuttoned.

I smell the shirt and calm down as I smell his cologne, snuggling close to him.

"I'm keeping this," I say and wrap his arm around me.

"It's all yours, ma'am," he chuckles and runs his fingers through my hair as I quickly drift off to sleep. 

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