9- Awkward

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Maggie pov

When my dad told us that they found Michelle, I was very excited to get to meet my sister. I know I already have 2 sisters but we aren't really that close really, me and Bear are though.

My family haven't exactly been honest about why Michelle haven't been with us for 11 years, but they probably have their reason. When I first saw her , she really didn't want to come back home with us.

And what mostly confused me is the way she looked at us, with so much hate. I could see how much she loved the Diaz family and really didn't want to leave so I don't understand why dad didn't just let her choose whether she wants to stay or come with us.

When we got to the jet , dad told us all to introduce ourselves. We all did and to most of them she only either gave a bored expression or a glare, except for me and Bear. I was very happy when she even started to talk with me.

She is super cool and nice and I am so happy she is my sister.

Michelle pov

After the phone call it was mostly silent in the car. When we finally did arrive, we stopped at a huge... no wait fucking gigantic mansion. I don't remember the house being this big when I lived here. Well to be honest I don't really remember a lot.

But now I understand their attitudes, because I'm rich I'm gonna be a dick. Makes sense. We all climbed out of the car and when I wanted to take me luggage the driver did it for me. This felt weird and in a way wrong.

"Welcome back home Principessa." The father said. But this isn't my home,my home is back in LA with my friends and my family. As we walked Maggie told me that the family have made quite a lot of changes to the house throughout the years. Which is probably why the house looked different.

"You are probably tired after the long day you have had, let me show you to your room" Isabelle putting her hand on my back and leading me up a very fancy staircase.

"Here we are" she said showing me a room. "Dinner is probably gonna be ready in a hour or so , but I'll come and get you"" she said with a smile and left. I took a look around the room it was actually very big. It was decorated plain but than again I'm not really an extravagant girl.

My bags were already in my room so I decided to start and unpack. When I was finished putting all my clothes in the empty drawers and closet. The two photo frames were left. I suddenly felt something roll over my cheek.

No Michelle don't you dare cry. Not now. I quickly wiped away my tears and put both photos on desk next to the bed.After that I just flopped on the bed. I decided to check my phone to see all the messages from mom, Eleanor,Charlie and Carmen all worried sick. I let them all know that I was fine and that they don't have to worry about me.

After about an hour there was a knock on the door. Isabella came in and told me that dinner was ready. While we were walking down the halls to the dining room, I saw all the pictures of the family and I suddenly got a weird feeling, jealousy? But why, I don't even like them. Get yourself together Michelle, now is not the time to get feelings about these horrible people.

After having an inner battle with myself we were finally at the dining room. Everyone turned their attention to us when we came in. There was a seat open next to Maggie so I just walked over and sat, ignoring all the stares. Didn't their parents learned them it is very rude to stare. Probably not.

The maids came in and brought food. These people have maids? We then started eating, I mainly kept quiet unless I was spoken too. The father and 2 oldest boys talked in Italian. Not that I understand anything but I could tell.

"So bambima, you will be starting school Monday along with Maggie,Sabrina and Bearnardo. We already arranged everything. But if it is too soon we can wait a week" Vivian said.

"No its fine " I said , kind of stunning them with my answer. Don't get me wrong I don't want to start a new school , but it is 10 times better than staying inside this house all day.

"Okay then you will start school on Monday." The father said. After that we all finished and went to our rooms. I was kind of surprised that he didn't give me a list of rules. He seems like that kind of controlling person.

Maggie walked with me upstairs ,apparently she likes to sing. I've done some singing here and there but I mostly like to play instruments. I can play piano , guitar and a little bit of drums.

"Come with me to my room I need your opinion on something" she said and grabbed my hand pulling me too her room . She is very energetic, a lot like Eleanor. Her room was girly with pink and books everywhere. Not that I don't like pink but this was a lot of it.

I sat on her bed and she stood in front of me. "kay so I need your honest opinion I want to try out for glee club but I don't want to embarrass myself." she said looking at me seriously. "Honest opinion, got it" I said with a smile. I really hope the kid can actually sing I don't want to make her feel bad.

She wanted to start but it looked as if she was too scared. "I can't do it" she said defeated. I stood up and walked over to the piano in the room. I sat down, "What did you want to sing?" I asked looking up at her. Carry you by Ruelle Fleurie she said looking confused." Well lucky for you I know the song" I said smiling at her. "You play?" she asked intrigued. "I do" I said smiling at her

"Come sit" I said while patting with my hand on the seat. She walked over and sat next to me. My fingers gently started to flow over the piano keys. She didn't start to sing immediately so I began for her but after a while she got the courage and took over , she was actually really good. She has this angelic type of voice I would listen to everyday.

" You have an amazing voice!You should try out too" she said exited. "Nah the glee thing isn't really my scene but your were amazing, and if you don't get in this glee club, there is certainly something major wrong with them" I said smiling at her.

It was already 11 pm and I was tired after this long and horrible day so we said goodnight and I started walking to the door. When I got outside Bear was leaning against the wall.

"Hey" he said when he saw me and standing up from against the wall. "Hi" I said awkwardly. He just immediately pulled me into hug and I let him , I even hugged back. I heard sniffles coming from him.

"You have no idea how much I have fucking missed you Ellie, I told them it wasn't you but hey didn't listen" he whispered in my ear. "I know" I said sympathetic. When we finished hugging I realized I started to cry too. He wiped away my tears and smiled at me. "Thanks for helping Mags she doesn't really come out of her shell that easily." he said looking at me happy.

"No prop, plus she is actually really good. She'll definitely get in." I said smiling. After that we said goodnight and I finally got to my room.

I quickly showered and put my pj's on. I then snuggled into bed and it didn't take long before the darkness consumed me and I fell asleep.


Sorry for the wait, my life is kinda hectic at the moment. Hope you enjoy the chapter

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