23- Not all the apple's are rotten

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Ricardo pov

We were already in bed when I heard a commotion which sounded like Michelle yelling, me and my wife got out of bed and followed the screaming to Sabrina's room. The rest of my kids were already there watching Sabrina and Michelle fight.

But what quickly caught my eye was the Russians son half-dressed standing in the corner. He wanted to sneak past us but and Ben quickly stopped him and held him against the wall. I took my focus back to my daughters who were yelling at each other, well Sabrina was doing most of the yelling and Michelle was the calmer one.

"Well at least I know I am loved but you, you are just a pathetic little girl who is going to end up all alone because no one in this world is ever going to be able to love you" Sabrina yelled in Michelle's face.

It all happened so quick, but Michelle then gave her a fist in the face. Sabrina stumbled back but recovered and tackled Michelle but when they hit the ground Michelle started to punch her repeatedly and it looked as if they were going to kill each other.

"Get them off each other" I quickly ordered my family. Bear, Isabella and Maggie held Michelle back while the rest of us went to Sabrina who was laying on the floor bloodied except for Ben who was still holding the Ivanov boy against the wall.

"Take her to Maggie's room" I ordered the 3 of them. Vivien started to check on Sabrina. "Is she okay?" Ben asked my wife concerned.

"She is going to be fine just bruised tomorrow." She said helping Sabrina up and leading her out of the room probably taking her to the house's med wing. I then walked over to the scared boy who was already punched by Ben more than once.

"Who the fuck do you think you are huh? You sleep with my daughter in my own house, knowing that you aren't welcome here" I yell and then punch him through his face. He looks down avoiding eye contact. "Look my father in the eye's you piece of shit." Ben says while roughly lifting his head. I then pull out my gun and point it at his head, "What do you think Ben, should I just kill this son of a bitch?" I ask my son.

"No, no, no please sir, I will disappear and never come back I swear to you," He begs practically starting to cry. "He already knows his father is going to give him a worst death than us if they find him" Ben says, it is truth the Russians aren't exactly known for loving their families they will kill a family member without even having to think about it.

"Fine, but hear this boy if I ever see or hear you are back here, I will torture you for days and then give you back to your family so that they decide what happens to you and I'm guessing it is not going to be good, do you understand?" I say full of authority.

"Y. ye... Yes sir" He stuttered and then started picking up his t-shirt and shoes. He was about to walk through the door but was stopped by my son. "Where do you think you are going?" Ben asked causing the Ivanov boy to look confuse. "Go out the way you came in" Ben said pointing at the window, Ivanov looked at us with fear and quickly turned around walking to the window.

He climbed out while the 2 of us watched him and looked as he ran over the yard. "Kid is going to run for the rest of his life, his family is ruthless" I said. "Well, I hope they find him and make him wish we just killed him" Ben said and then walked out of the room probably to go check on Sabrina.

I decided to go and check on Michelle, I doubt she really got hurt but I should still go check and see if she is fine. When I walked in Mags room Isa was busy cleaning a few scratches on her neck.

"Is she okay? " I ask Isa. "I'm fine and sitting right here you know" she said looking at me with hatred in her eyes. I ignored her and looked at Isa "She is okay, just a few scratches on her neck and bruises on her face" she tells me.

Michelle pov

Is this asshole serious right now? Why isn't he with his precious little Sabrina. After Isabella told him that I was fine, he walked over to us.

"Listen Michelle, your behavior tonight was unacceptable and extremely uncalled for, yes I'll admit what Sabrina said was rude, but violence is never the answer " he says all high and mighty.

Is this man fucking high or something, no wait that would be offensive to people who are high. He is so full of himself, it is unbelievable.

I scoff and look him in the eyes "Violence is never the answer you say, coming from the man who beat Nicklaus when he walked me home, yeah he is a dick, but I thought violence is never the answer. Oh, and what about the time you very aggressively grabbed my arm huh?" I ask/challenge him.

He clears his throat and then says, "That is different from what you did." I shake my head and then look at him for a while "So it only applies to me but not you? You can do whatever the hell you want but I need to obey your stupid rules."

"Watch your mouth young lady" he says angry. "Or what?" I challenge him. "Yes dad, what are you going to do? Because I can assure you if you touch one hair on my sisters head you are going to look like Sabrina is looking right now, but worst. Who knows maybe you should get your funeral arrangements ready" Bear said all calm with a straight face.

Ricardo lost it, he grabbed Bear by his shirt looking like he was about to murder him but what was scary was the fact that Bear was smiling at him like the joker type of manic smile.

Now not to be rude but I always thought of him as a softy and someone who breaks like a twig in these types of circumstances, but I was certainly wrong.

"Dad please let him go" Maggie begged him sounding scared. "Dad you are scaring Maggie" Isabella said. Ricardo looked over at Maggie and gently let go of Bear.

"Baby, I am so sorry" he said to her and wanted to hug her, but she quickly moved behind me and I stood in front of her not moving. "I think you should leave." Isabella told him, he looked at everyone in the room and then left.

After he was gone Maggie practically jumped into my arms hugging me, and I hugged back. I could feel bear and Isabella also joining the hug.

Okay so the Ferrari's may be horrible, dreadful, disgusting, disturbing, idiotic, psychotic.... The list goes on, you get what I'm trying to say. But there is a plus side to all of this shit and that would be that at least not all of the apples are rotten.

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