24- I Love You

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Michelle pov

Well after last nights fight I have to admit my body is kind of sore but I comfort myself with the fact that Sabrina is probably feeling 10 times shittier than I am.

I really am amazed by Ricardo's thinking process tho.. "violence is never the answer" .. Oh please, he really lost his last little braincell. Not to even talk about the fact that he couldn't even recognize a freaking sociopath.. I mean sure Marcello has a way of persuading people but he is not that good. Anyone who meets him can almost immediately notice he is not right in the head.

I am normally not the type of person to lose my cool like I did last night but honestly that bitch did deserve it 100% and no one can change my mind about that. I got a text from Gracie telling me she, the boys and Eleanor are hanging out if I want to join. And why not I certainly don't want to be in this horror house.

I got up and got dressed. My plan was simple get out quick and make sure no one sees me but of course my plans never work out for some stupid reason.. The moment I opened my door and silently walked down the stairs I was stopped with the wonderful voice of Sabrina.

"Where are you going?" she asked.. "O for fuck sake" I mumbled to myself. "As far away from you that's for sure" I said as I turned around to face her.. When I saw her she had a black eye there were scratch marks around her neck and her lips were swelled. If anyone was still wondering who won the fight the answer they shall find on her face. I had also had a few bruises but not as bad as hers.

"Mom and dad will not allow you to go out" she said bitchy.. "YOUR parents can't tell me what to do and you should probably get some rest you look terrible" I said with a smile. I saw how angry she was getting. She walked closer to me like she was going to slap me.. Does this bitch seriously not learn her lesson or is she just that stupid.

"Sabrina enough!" Bear yelled at her and walked over to us. She then started with the crocodile tears which caused me to roll my eyes. "Bear she said she was going to hurt me.. I am scared please protect me" she cried and then hugged bear who pushed her away. "I am not falling for you stupid act Sabrina" Bear said angry. She immediately switched back to her evil self. "Whatever.. It's not like mom and dad is going to take your side because we all know I am their favorite" she said and stormed off

"As if I care" I scoffed. "You okay?" Bear asked turning to me. "As fit as fidle" I smiled at him. "Huh?" he asked confused which caused me to laugh at him. "I am fine, I promise" I reassured him. "So where you off to?" he asked. "To Gracie"

"Mhh and will a certain boy named asher be there?" he asked playfully "He might" I said causing bear to smile at me. "Someone has a crush" he said winking at me.

"I do not, besides after the whole ordeal with a certain Russian I'm not doing the whole boy thing for a while and more importantly men are trash" I tell him which he responds to with a dramatic gasp "Even me?" he asks with his hand on his chest.

"I'll make one exception for you" I smile at him. "Aww thanks little sis.. So you need a ride?" he asks. "You truly are my hero Bernardo" I said kissing him on the cheek. When we stopped in front of Gracie's house he protectively siad "Now no funny business alright."

"Pinky promise" I say holding out my pinky which intertwined with his. I was about to climb out of the car when Bear said "I love you alright don't forget it" After everything there were a few people I told I love you to but Bear was always there for me even if it wasn't physically but when I was in that bording school and things got tough I imagined what Bear would tell me or just him giving me one of his amazing hugs.

"I love you too" I told him which caused a big smile on his face and a little tear in his eye. "Are you crying?" I asked him trying to hide my laughter. "No it's just allergies" he said all mucho. "Okay big guy whatever you say" I said and climbed out of the car.

I walked to the front door and knocked. Gracie opened it for me but gasped when she saw me.. It took me a minute but then I realized she was shocked because of the bruises. "It's nothing I swear" I reassured her she gave me a unsure look and pulled me into a hug. We then walked to the living room I could hear my sister Eleanor's voice.

She always has been a very loud person. I don't think she is capable of talking softer. When we got there Oliver and El were playing video games which was why El was talking so loud or more kind of screaming and Asher was busy on his phone.

"Hey guys" I said making my presence known. The three of them all said hi like a chior. Asher put his phone down and was shocked to see my face but when El turned around she was furious. "What the fuck. Those assholes are getting killed." she said angrily as she walked over to me.

She gently touched my face where the bruises were. "What happened?" she yelled but Gracie touched her shoulder and she calmed down a little. She took my hand and led me to the couch. As we sat they all looked at me waiting for me to tell them what happened.

"Sabrina and I got in a fight." I simply told them. They all looked at me not knowing what to say. "Please tell me you won the fight" Oliver asked. "What kind of question is that of course I won. She looks like she has been run over by a bus."

Asher and Oliver smiled at me proudly. El on the other hand was still fuming she stood up and stormed off angry. Gracie wanted to follow after her but I felt like I needed to be the one to talk to her."I'll go" I said to Gracie who smiled sincerely at me.

Gracie's house was basically on the beach so I figured El went there. I went out by the backyard that lead straight to the beach. I searched for El and after a few seconds I saw her sitting in the sand looking in front of her. I walked over to her and sat next to her for a while we said nothing, just looked at the waves.

"So what's wrong? " I asked after a while looking at her. "Nothing" she said not looking me in the eyes. "Yeah right and and I am a chicken" I said sarcastic. She still didn't say anything. "El talk to me" I said desperately just wanting her to say something.

"I am you big sister okay, I'm suppose to protect you and keep you safe but I didn't and now you are hurt." she said looking at me with tears flowing down her face.

"El, you have always protected me. Remember when I just moved in and thought there was a man under my bed so you crawled under it to make sure there wasn't." I said wiping her tears away

"From that day I knew that you were always going to protect me and that I felt safe with you. And in a way you protected me with what happened with Sabrina because if it wasn't for you I would not have had the courage or confidence to beat her ass. Because you taught me that I need to believe in myself" I said looking in her eyes.

She pulled me in for hug and said "I love you idiot" "I love you too moron" I told her as we pulled back from our hug. "Mom is going to freak when she sees your face." El said as we both looked at the waves again. "I was thinking we don't tell her"

"Are you crazy, she always finds out about everything, plus she misses you and Cammy too and I told her you were here as well so she is coming earlier so we can go out and have family day" El says looking at me.

"Uggg" I groan causing her to giggle. "Before we go back what is going on between you and Gracie?" I ask curious. El began blushing and smiling. "You're blushing, I saw you two kiss the other night at Oliver's and the way she calmed you down inside"

"I want to ask her to be my girlfriend" she says shocking me to a new world. "Close your mouth before something flies in there" she says rolling her eyes. "O MY GOD and you told me nothing? I had to figure it out on my own." I say dramatic.

"You were already dealing with a lot I didn't want to bother you" she says. "El..you can always bother me, you always do anyways." I say which earned me a punch.

"We probably should get back to the house, moms gonna be here soon" El said as I nodded and we got up and walked back

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