10- Never Ever

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Bear pov

I have missed Ellie so much, what mom and Sabrina did to her was so fucking wrong.I kept telling dad that it wasn't Ellie but everyone kept saying I was losing it , they even sent me to a shrink. And I've really tried to forgive and forget but it feels impossible. Me and Sabrina aren't that close anymore and I don't really have a relationship with mom, we have kind of drifted apart.

I was disappointed in my family for the way they handled the situation. They shouldn't have forced her to come with us that just made her hate us even more than she already does. And she has every right to, who knows what pain she had to endure because of their lies.

I studied her at dinner, I don't know if it was because she was with 'new people' but she has gotten a lot more quiet. When she was little she was the most bubbly person in our family, she would've talked for days if she could.

She only spoke to Mags from time to time, which made me very happy. Mags is a very shy girl , and she doesn't really talk to anyone beside to us. When dinner was finished I saw Maggie dragging Ellie to her room. I know eaves dropping isn't exactly nice but I am a nosy person okay.

I could hear Mags talking and then it went silent so I was on my way to leave when I heard the piano starting to play and someone singing. It was Ellie , she had a beautiful voice, she was also playing piano this I know because Mags is still learning and her skills isn't this good. So far she can only play twinkle twinkle little stars.

After a while Mags started singing, I am so proud of her, she has always wanted to join the glee club but never has the courage to sing in front of people. So her singing in front of someone she just met was a huge deal.

I saw Sabrina standing at her door she probably heard the piano too. I don't know why but I'm getting the feeling she is going to start trouble again. Call it twin intuition if you like. She gave me a look and closed her door. The piano and singing have stopped and the door opened.

Ellie came out. "Hey "I said standing up from leaning against the wall. "Hi" she said awkward while closing the door behind her. I just pulled her into a hug, I couldn't help myself I knew there was a chance that she would push me away but to my surprise she let me hug her and she even hugged back.

"You have no idea how much I have fucking missed you Ellie, I told them it wasn't you but didn't listen" I whispered to her feeling all kinds of emotions. She sympathetically whispered back "I know." My walls broke down and I started crying. I have waited 11 fucking years to hug her and tell her how sorry I am.

After a while we stopped hugging. I saw she started to cry too so I gently wiped away her tears. "Thanks for helping Mags she doesn't really come out of her shell that easily." I said grateful

"No prop, plus she is actually really good. She'll definitely get in." She said smiling, she is amazing. After that we said goodnight and we both went to our rooms.

Michelle pov

"Miss Ferrari dear you need to wake up" I get woken up by one of the maids. She was old but she looked nice. I smiled at her ,kind of disgusted by the fact that she called me Miss Ferrari. "Please call me Michelle" I said friendly. She looked kind of socked. "Did I say something wrong?" I asked confused.

"No dear , its ....umm you have much more manners then some of your family members" she said. Not that I'm surprised at all they don't look like the most well behave people I've met.

I just nodded. "Your sisters want to take you too the shops to get everything you need for school tomorrow" she said and then walked out. Ugg this is going to be fun. I got up putting on my ripped jeans and t- shirt, I then just did my normal morning routine.

When I was finished I started walking down stairs.I got lost for a moment seeing that this house has a million different hallways. But finally got too the kitchen where the 3 girls were.

"Morning sorella" Isabella and Mags said. Sabrina haven't really talked too me since I got here. Probably guilty conscious, hahaha jk. She is probably planing her next attack .

"Hi" I said back. "Do you want to eat something before you go "Isabella asked friendly. "Nah I'll just grab an apple." She nodded and we started walking to the garage. I was shocked when I saw all the cars. " Dad is probably going to take you to buy you a car soon, since you already have you're drivers license" Maggie said energetic. Wow okay these people are really loaded.I was shocked I didn't know what to say so I just nodded.

The car was mostly filled with silence. Sabrina was on her phone not looking up once. Isabella drove focusing on the road and Maggie talked to me about how their school works.

We stopped at the mall and walked in. We weren't there for too long they just bought me books , pencils, pens the normal school stationary.I let Maggie pick the stuff out for me, which made her very excited.

After we were done we went back home. Isabella went to her boyfriends house apparently , Sabrina to a friend and Vivian was apparently at a nails appointment, Santiago,Cooper and Ben at work where they do who knows what. Leaving me, Mags and Bear alone. Maggie said she was going to read a book so I was mostly by myself and bored out of my mind.

So I decided to go outside for a while. I took a good look around the house was surrounded with gates and guards. What are they so afraid of? "Hey you" I was snapped out of my thoughts. I turned around and there Bear stood with his one foot on a soccer ball.

"Do you want to play?" He asked lifting his eyebrow. "Sure but get ready too lose" I said with my game face. "Oo , you wish little girl"He scoffed. We then started too play, he was good but not as good as me.Like I said before I'm not exactly the most athletic girl but I used to play soccer with Cammy all the time and I'm actually not that bad.

"Goal" I yelled as I kicked the ball. "What, no ways !" He yelled surprised and dramatically fell to the ground. I walked over to him and stood over his face. "Who is the little girl now huh?" I smirked. I wanted to walk away but he tripped me and I fell next to him. We both just burst out laughing.

It was fun and in a way made me kind of forget about how much I miss my family and friends. But not enough to forget what this family did to me. I won't let them break my walls down just to hurt me again. Never Ever.

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