13- What makes them dangerous

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Cooper pov

Since Ellie has been back I haven't really talked to her. Don't get me wrong I have missed her like hell, but I was scared that if I start to open up to her that she would just disappear again and then I will really break.

Mom asked me to go pick up Ellie because she was at the hospital and the rest to a meeting or either busy.

When I got at the school most of the kids were already gone except those who had extra activities. After a while I started to worry thinking she might have taken off again. I climbed out of my car and walked into the school building.

When I got into the main hall I saw Ellie being surrounded by a group of girls in slutty clothes. I looked at one of the girls realizing that it was Sabrina.

That kid has been going through a rebellious phase, disrespecting, drinking, smoking, drugs etc. Dad and mom are trying their best to discipline her. But we all know the real reason she has been spiraling out. Ellie.She feels guilty about what she did, we all do.

I couldn't exactly hear what the girl was saying but she was yelling. I started to walk their way. I was surprised at how cool and calm Michelle stayed. But before I could reach them the main bitch, hit Michelle in the face with a fist causing her to stumble to the floor.

I quickly made my way over to them and aggressively grabbed the whores arm "You bitch, if you ever lay a hand on my little sister again I'm gonna make you wish you were never born." I threaten her. I was furious no one and I mean NO ONE ever hits my sister.

The girl stuttered "I'm s, sorry I d,d,didn't know she was your sister" I let go of her arm and she and the rest of her slutty friends ran off.

I looked at Sabrina with disappointment and anger, I couldn't believe that she could just stand there doing nothing to protect our sister"What the fuck Sabrina? Get in the car now! " I yelled at her angry. She didn't protest and did what I told her.

I looked over to Michelle on the floor. She looked scared of me, I felt hurt but I needed to make myself clear. I walked to her and helped her up from the floor. Her face was all messed up with blood dripping from the one side of her face. I cupped her face gently with my hands and whispered "Fuck"

I then took out a napkin from my pocket and wiped the blood gently away. When I touched her face she flinched I hated seeing her hurt I hate seeing any of my family hurt.

"I'm sorry this happened bambina, next time if she bothers you , you have my permission to beat her ass." I said placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Come one lets go home so we can fix your face up"I said while taking her hand. When we got at the car I opened the door for her and closed it once she was in. When I climbed in the car it was silent Sabrina was in the back playing with her hands. We drove home in silence.

When we stopped at the house I saw that the rest of the families cars were back. Even though I am mad at Sabrina I still felt sorry for her, knowing that the family is going to freak.

Michelle pov

The car ride was mostly awkward silence . I wasn't really surprised that Sabrina didn't do anything but it still kind of hurt, you know. I mean I am only human. When we got back at their house we all climbed out and started walking to the front door.

I saw that all the peeps cars were back. It's weird they basically kidnapped me and drag me all the way here to Italy only to never spend time with me. Not that I care, I prefer it that way. But they could have just left me in LA were I was happy. But NO, who cares about my feelings ? Absolutely no one.

When we got in I heard voices talking. I just wanted to go to my room, but Cooper quickly grabbed my arm. "Slow down there speedy, let's get that eye of your checked out" he said not giving me much of a choice.

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