25- Stay With Me, Please

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Michelle pov

After me and El got back from the beach mom and Cammy were already there. She almost had a heart attack when she saw my face but we were able to calm her down. We then said our goodbyes and headed off.

"So where are we going?" El asked mom "There is a cliff where you can watch the sea and stars. It is apparently beautiful" she explained while keeping her eyes on the road. El sat in front with mom and me and Cammy sat in the back. He was busy playing on his ipad so I tapped his shoulder.

"You okay?" I signed to him. He looked at me and nodded unsure and then went back to playing. "Hey whats up?" I signed again. "We never see you any more I miss you" he signed. Hes not wrong I haven't been around a lot lately

"I'm sorry bud, I will really try to come and visit more" I signed to which he smiled at me back. "I love you." I mouth to him and pull him into a hug. After that he continued playing in his iPad.

On the way there something felt off I looked back and saw the same car that had been behind us for the past 40 minutes. "Mom we are being followed" I tell her. "What?" both her and Eleanor ask at the same time.

I looked back again and realized who it was Nicklaus."Fuck" I mumbled softly. The person in the driver seat pulled out a gun. "Get down" I yelled and pulled Cammy close to me shielding him as bullets started hitting the cat.

Nicklaus was getting close to us and started to bump the car from behind. Then he suddenly bumped the car off the road and we started rolling down a hill. Mom and Eleanor were screaming and I tried to hold on to Cammy but couldn't.

I blacked out after a while and when I woke up we were hanging upside down. We atleast all had our seatbelts on. I felt disoriented and my vision was blury. I looked beside me to see Cammy I tried to feel for a pulse but couldn't reach him.

I took of my seatbelt and crawled over to Cammy.. I gently got him out of his but he wasn't responding and his pulse was very slow. I didn't want to pull him out of the car put I could smell oil which would mean the car could catch fire at any moment.

After I got Cammy out of the car I went back in for mom and El. I got to El she had a huge gush on her head but other the that she looked fine and she had a pulse. I pulled her out as gently as I possibly can. I then went back for mom.

I layed down on the grass next to the driver's seat and tried to wake her up. "Mom, wake up" She opened her eyes after a few tries but looked confused. "Cammy?, El?" she asked concerned and out of breath. "They're okay. Can you get out of the car?" I asked.

She tried to move but then looked at me "My legs are stuck I can't get out." I walked to the front seat El was in and crawled through there to try and get Nonna out of the car. Her legs were stuck under the dash board.

I looked around and saw a metal piece that must have came loose during the accident. "Okay this is going to hurt, hold on" I told her. I pushed the metalpiece under the dash board so that Nonna can slide out.

She slowly crawled out but was in agony the whole time. After she got out I ran to her. She looked bad, really bad. I laid her head gently on my lap and pulled my phone out to call for help. It is a miracle that my phone survived the crash.

Nonna was still groaning in pain "You're going to be okay mom you just need to hold on I'm getting help." I told her. I called 911 and they said they were coming as fast as possible.

Nonna suddenly started to cough blood. I don't understand why would she start coughing blood up but the when I examined her I saw a metal piece piercing into the side of her chest. I ripped my one sleave off and applied pressure around the metal.

How did I not notice this. Nonna wanted to start talking but I stopped her, I know what she wants to do she want to say goodbye and that's not happening.

"Mich" she said putting her bloody hand on mine. "Listen to me, I need yo..." I stopped her "No we are not saying goodbye do you hear me, this is not the end we have so much more to do. You can't die do you hear me" I said as tears rolled from my eyes.

"I need you to take care of each other, and love each other." she said with blood coming from her mouth. "Mom I.." I said crying. "Promise me" she said crying too. "I promise" I said after a while.

"You 3 are my entire life and I love you so much, never forget that" she said softly and closed her eyes. "No mom! Stay with me please. Don't leave me, I need you." I cried. "No!" I sreamed loudly pulling her close to my chest crying while holding her.

After a while I gently put her down she had no pulse. She was dead. I stood up and went to my sister and brother who were both still unconscious. El still had a pulse but when I felt cammy he didn't have one anymore.

I took a medic course once so I knew how to give cpr. I started and after a few minutes the ambulance arrived. They checked on me and also took cammy and Eleanor in separate ambulances to the hospital. One of the paramedics also checked on Nonna but not long after a police officer just put a blanket of some kind over her body.

An older officer came over to me. "Let's get you to the hospital kid" he said and led me to the car. The ride there was mostly silent. When we got there I sat on the chairs waiting for news on Cammy and Eleanor.

I stood up and told the officer I was going to the bathroom but instead went to a set of stairs. I pulled out my phone and called Bear. "Elle thank God we have been worried sick where are you?" his worried voice beamed through my phone.

"We were in an accident, Nonna's dead and cammy and El.. " I said not wanting to finish the sentence. "What hospital are you I'll be there now." he said. "Saint mercy hospital" I said while tears rolled over my cheek. We hung up and I walked back to the waiting room.

After about 10 minutes I heard people running towards us and Bear calling my name out. "Bear" I whispered and ran straight towards him. I just started crying while he held me tight not letting go. It felt like my whole world has came crumbling down.

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