19- Johnny

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Michelle pov

When I woke up I remembered what happened last night. Nicklaus crying, Benjamin yelling and then they just turned bipolar. What was that shit?

I got finished and went down stairs. Everyone was down in the kitchen. Maggie and Bear was eating cereal. Cooper and Benjamin was busy making a smoothie thingy but in all honesty that thing looked gross.

Viviane was standing in front of the stove while baking some eggs. Sabrina and Isabella was sitting busy on their phones. And Santiago was reading a newspaper. When I came in everyone greeted me super nicely even SABRINA. Wtf!

To say I'm confused is an understatement I am utterly disoriented. Maybe all of them are mentally fucked up I can name a few of them. I just went over and got some cereal and sat with Bear and Maggie.

"Why are they being so nice?"I whisper only to bear."Fuck knows. But don't trust them they always have something up their sleeve." He whispered back. "I won't ever trust them, not after everything" I mumbled mostly to myself.

After we were done eating we headed to the cars. Sabrina wasn't with us. Mhh totally not suspicious. That's what a fool would say. Maggie was talking non stop about the glee clubs first competition coming up soon.

Maggie doesn't really talk a lot with the other Ferrari's and especially not with Sabrina. I wonder if Sabrina even apologized for throwing that slushy over her head.

We got at school and we went our own ways. I walked to my locker when I suddenly felt am arm around my shoulder. "Hey little sis whatcha doing?" Eleanor asked. I took her arm of my shoulder and looked at her and pointed to my locker.

"Don't be rude" she said very dramatic which caused me to smile. "There's that smile I love" she said smiling at me. "Hey Michelle" I heard Grace's voice. "Hey" I said smiling back at her. "Hey I'm Gracie" she said holding her hand out to El. I looked to Eleanor who shook Grace's hand but looked star strucked.

"And this is Eleanor, my sister" I said "Well nice to meet you Eleanor, you should come and sit with us at lunch."She said smiling."I... I'll love to" she basically stuttered.

"Cool see you guys later" she said and then walked away. I turned to my sister and hit her on her shoulder to which she responded with a oww. "What was that?" I ask.

She let out a dramatic sigh and leaned her head against a locker "I think I'm in love" she said. "With wh... Gracie?" I asked shocked and a little loud. "Shh I don't think the whole school heard ya. Yes Gracie who else." she said looking at me.

"What about Emily? you like had a massive crush on that girl for years." I say closing my locker. "Yeah well mom let me go to that party but turns out Emily is a bitch who doesn't know how to love" she said angry.

"Wow I did not expect that"I say shocked." Hey is Gracie into girls? "she asks me sounding excited." I don't know dude, I've only been here for a little while.

"Uggg! I guess I'll just have to find out" she says determined. "Yeah that's if you can actually form a sentence. I..I'll l.. love to" I said mocking her. "Haha" she said sarcastic.

The bell rang and we both left for class. I didn't see Sabrina at the school today and Nick mostly kept his distance because everywhere I was so was Bear keeping an eye on me and I could see him giving Nick the dirty look.

I looked at my schedule to see where I was last period. Ugg Italian that teacher really hates me. I walked to the classroom when I saw Nick going to the football field. Asher walked past me and I grabbed his arm before he could walk further. "Hey Michelle what's up?"he asked.

"I need a favor." I asked looking at him. "Anything" he said sincere "Can you cover for me, please? I'll make it up to you." I said hoping he would say yes. "No problem."

"Thank you so much, I owe you" I said and walked to the football field. When I got there I saw Nicklaus on the bleachers just like last time. I walked towards him and sat next to him. "You've been avoiding me" I say when I sat down. "Yeah because I'm pretty sure your brother is watching you like a hawk." he said taking a pull of his joint.

"Listen about last night, I would appreciate it if you don't tell anyone" he said looking at me serious. "Last night? I don't remember anything" I say dead serious. He smirked at me and offered me the joint. "Thanks but no thanks I got to go before my hawk of a brother catches me". I said standing up.

"See you around New Girl" he said looking at me. "Whatever Ivanov." I said walking away.

Isabella pov

After we relized Michelle was gone last night the whole family was in a flat spin. We thought that maybe she ran away with the Diaz family. Me, dad and Ben went to look for her. We found her at the Diaz family's new house. Ben and dad was angry but I remained calm for Michelle's sake

We then texted the rest of the family that we found her and told them to all go to bed so Michelle doesn't feel cornered when we get back.

Mom was looking anxious, I could see it on her face. We all have been wondering what happened to Michelle before the Diaz family adopted her and it was driving us all crazy.

But I think dad and mom are looking into her past because I saw a file on dad's desk with her name on it. I haven't known Michelle long but I get the feeling she isn't going to like them snooping through her past.

I was very disappointed in Sabrina when she lied again and it was pretty much the last straw. I tried to see past what happened but I can't anymore not with everything she has done. My only goal now is to show Michelle that I am worthy of being her sister.

Dad took Sabrina somewhere and she got to skip school which was kind of weird if you ask me but in this family who knows. I've always tried to keep calm and be there for everyone but it's hard.

I texted Michelle and told her that I am going to come and pick her up. When I got at the school I parked my car and waited for a while. I climbed out so that she can see me. I saw a her short figure approaching me and claimed back into the car. It really is weird how she is so short and the rest of our family is like huge,even Maggie is taller than her.

"Hi" I said when she climbed in. "Hey" she responded. It's kind of awkward but it's okay.After a while I break the silence. "You play guitar?" I asks keeping my eyes on the road. "Yeah how'd you know?" she asked curiously. Maggie told me. "Oh but I left my guitar at home with Cammy but with the move and all it broke so that's a bummer I guess." she said.

"Hey my boyfriend works at a guitar shop you wanna go check some out?" I ask hoping she says yes. "Your boyfriend works at a guitar shop?" she asks shocked "Yes" I say smiling. "What does Ricardo have to say about that?"she asks.

"Well they think he is some rich guy who owns like 20 companies."I say guilty." You lied to them" she says sounding kind of proud. "Well they would never approve of our relationship." I say honestly.

"I'm not judging you, its good that you don't let them steal all your happiness." she sounded sincere as if she almost cares. We stopped at the shop and we walked in. "Babe what are you doing here? " my boyfriend Johnny asked coming over to kiss hug and kiss me.

"Johnny this is my little sister Michelle. Michelle this is my boyfriend Johnny."I introduced them." Nice to meet ya Johnny" Michelle said holding out her hand. Johnny took it and shook it and said "Like ways"

The two of them kind of geeked out looking for a guitar until they finally found the perfect one. I saw Michelle smiling and it made me happy. She always seems so serious and emotionless at home.

"We found it babe." Johnny said coming to the counter with a guitar in his hand. "We'll take it" I said smiling at him. "But I don't have any money with me and that thing is way to expensive." Michelle tried to stop me.

"No worries think of it as my welcome home gift" I say giving Johnny my card. "I can't accept it, it's way to much." She says. "No ways, It is yours now and I want to buy it for you." I say smiling at her. "Thank you" she smiles. I nod and smile back at her and Johnny hands her the guitar.

We then drove home and talked a little bit. It felt good getting to get to known my sister.

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