Intro 3

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I did all my best to finish everything. To have her again. It was a life and death situation. But, losing her is more than death.

I was surprised that she was on the same flight bound to NYC. I didn't know she was in the Philippines. I watched her all the time.

Damn! I badly missed you, Babe.

She looks different now. The way she walks, she dress and speaks. She was on a different world now. She was really a lucky one and a lucky charm. I hope people won't use her because of the fortune she brings to people close to her. One thing that never change about her, is her kindness. But, her eyes. It really change. She was smiling brightly, yet her eyes are cold.

It was all my fault.

Please, I hope I still have some place on your heart.

After thinking, mesmerizing about her, and planning how to approach her; I failed to notice that we have arrived in NYC. I run towards her, but she was already on a car.

I lose her again..

I watched her in silence for the meantime. I learned from my friend, Robbie that Mazee still hates me. I do not know what to do yet.

I can't think on how would I win her back.

What hurts the most, she really is in a relationship with Liam. She looks happy and made me feel lose my one last hope.

If she's happy with him.. maybe, it is right to let go.

However, the coldness she has.. It is something else.

Something that I made her to be.

Maybe, I still had a part in her heart.

So, there was a party and I was invited. It was my friends party afterwards and I can't say no since we havent meet for decades. And what is worst. I needed to wear a dress as part of our promise a decade ago. Fine! Maybe for this time and since that I will wear a  half mask. No one may recognize me.

The party was nice. I felt elated and would like to have some fun. I was stressed. Then, a lady who wears a black dress and a gold mask captured my attention.

I know her so much that whatever mask or clothes she wears. I would instantly recognize the woman i love.

I wanted to go to her. But i was aftaid she may know that it was me.  Though, she hadn't seen me in a dress and with my long hair yet.

I'll take a chance.

Gladly, she didn't recignize me.

Taking to her all night was magical. It is beyond words. I didnt know she can drink this much now. Until, I found my self kissing her.

She is the only one who can do this to me. To make me feel wanted and desired. I brought her to my hotel room. Perhaps, Liam and her already broke up. Theres a part of me that felt bad.

Could she really do it with some random strangers?

She changed a lot. But, she was drunk and called my name when we are doing it. It made me smile. Now, I am sure. She still loves me.

I will take you back, Mazee. Whatever it takes.

I know I can't reveal my self yet. I should be careful. Otherwise, she might run away again. I decided to be "Stranger" for the meantime. I hope she will realize some time.

We met again, and she did not recognize me still. We exchange numbers. Good thing a have another phone for this. We kept texting and calling for some time. We met and had sex all the time. I want to keep it for now as I find it exciting and that she was avoiding me when she met me.

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