― twenty-seven: hey, bitch

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[ CHAPTER 27 : HEY, BITCH :i'm so happy cause today i found my friends. they're in my head. i'm so ugly. that's okay cause so are you, we broke our mirrors. sunday morning, is everyday for all i care. and i'm not scared. light my candles in a daze cause i've found god. i'm so lonely. that's okay, i shaved my head and i'm not sad. and just maybe, i'm to blame for all i've heard. but i'm not sure. i'm so excited, i can't wait to meet you there, but i don't care. i'm so horny, but that's okay, my will is good.]


          PARKER AWAKES PLASTERED ON one side of her bed. On the other side, is Nico; stretched out like a starfish with a loose red throw blanket around his legs. Her immediate reaction is to cover her face; unbelieving of what happened last night. Breaking into their school, screaming her emotions, stealing a file, and then making out with Nico. Was she insane last night? Mental? Nico's a nice person, a good person, but what was she thinking? She can't get involved with him. Not now. Not when everything's so messy, and she can't keep up. Frustrated with herself, she moves to the side of her bed, swing her legs over the edge and placing her head in her hands.

          Rustling from down below, makes her stop.

          "Crap," The girl mutters as she scurries off the bed to lean up against her door. Her ear flat against the door with her fingers gripping her door handle. Down the hall she can hear her voices; her father speaks in a hushed tone, and her mouth sniffles and sobs in a quieter but more overwhelming tone. "Crap, crap, crap," Parker moves from the door to stumble over a few useless pieces of clothing to reach the other side of her room, where the lone mattress still sits, to crumble to the floor beside the side of the bed Nico lies on. "Nico, wake up!" She whispers, her hands reaching out to push at his body.

          The teenage boy stirs underneath the red throw blanket, his eyes slowly opening revealing red rimmed morning eyes. "My parents are home." She whispers as her fingers grab around his sweater sleeve, pulling at it to bring him toward the floor. Slowly, and in a blur, Nico rolls into a sitting position before falling onto the floor in a blob beside her. Parker stares at him, watching as his eyes twitch in and out of sleep and his head loll from side to side. She wants to slap him, maybe that will snap him out of whatever sleeping trance he's in. Her hands move to grip at his arms, pulling to move him toward her bedroom window, as if she'll actually be able to push him out. Or maybe shove him in her closet, except, it's stuffed to the brim with useless paraphernalia that has nowhere else to go. The window, obviously, is the only viable option for her. 

          Halfway to the window―with Nico partially slumped onto her body―her father opens her door. There's a split second he doesn't quite register the scene before him, and calls her name out in a soft concerned tone. "Parker." Then he sees it. His daughter desperately holding onto a teenage boy he doesn't know. Should he laugh? Should he cry? Should he be mad? Parker can't be sure what her father must be thinking, as his eyes dart between the two of them. And then quietly, almost like he wasn't there in the first place, her father leaves the room going as far as to not slam the door in the process. 

          Parker is mortified.

          "Oh shit," She snaps, as she let's go of Nico―he tumbles into the side wall, his fingers trying to grip onto something but nothing's available, so he slowly slips down the wall. "Shit, shit, shit." Her hands go to her hair, running back and forth, making the knots that are already crumbled inside of it worse. Then she's pacing, back and forth, feet kicking anything in her wake. Profanities leave her mouth like rapid fire. She's confused: what the fuck do I do now? 

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