― five: feminizing

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[ CHAPTER 05 : FEMINIZING : looking out on the morning rain, i used to feel uninspired and when i knew i had to face another day. lord, it made me feel so tired. before the day i met you, life was so unkind. but your love was the key to my peace of mind. when my soul was in the lost and found, you came along to claim it. i didn't know just what went wrong with me. till your kiss helped me name it. now i'm no longer doubtful, of what i'm living for and if i make you happy i don't need to do more. ]


          THE MALL ISN'T EMPTY. Instead, it's rather filled with groups of older couples going on dates, college students shopping in their free time, and business workers heading out for their lunch time. It's more than likely that Cameron and Parker are the only teenagers. Beside those that had ditched their classes. And despite the clutter of the mall, everything seems perpetually calm. With no screaming kids, or overindulgent teenagers, the mall actually seems pleasant. And it could possibly turn into a place for her to visit. Though, she knows that's not true.

          She's not the biggest fan of shopping, or places with an abundant amount of people. And malls seem like beacons for both of those things. She likes places that aren't overrun by crowds. She's not anti-social, she just prefers the quiet and calm. And yet, something's telling her that she won't have the leisure of enjoying that anytime soon. Not with Cameron, who walks with such confidence that it makes her look like she owns the mall. And if she does, Parker wouldn't be surprised by that.

          "So," Parker speaks up. Her feet stumbling over one another to keep up with the blonde who easily bypasses minimalistic stores and busybodies moving quickly past them. "What's the plan?" Cameron glances at her from over her shoulder. Blonde hair shifting in front of her face as she does so. A hit of annoyance can be found in the girl's features.

          She still dislikes me, Parker thinks to herself.

          She wonders if Cameron notices how unenthusiastic she is about this venture. Probably. Parker's pretty bad at concealing her emotions, at least when it comes to face value. When it comes to the aspect of lying, well―whether good or not―she can easily lie through her teeth. Like it's natural. It's probably not her best skill, but it's high up there on the list. She's not really sure how it developed but, it has, and sometimes she uses it to her advantage. And yet, she always feels so guilty when she does.

          "Alright, look," Cameron grunts, as her fingers latch onto Parker's slim wrist. "We're shopping but we're not your style of shopping," Parker frowns, is there a difference? "You have to follow a few simple trends. Coats are a must, and high waisted jeans on you will be a good fit. Military style also, can be good for you―as you already can tell," The blonde flicks at Parker's army green utility jacket. "But, there has to be a limit. No combat boots. They're too bulky. Also, anything with cut-outs is a plus. We're not going for slutty, or approachable, or conservative. We're going for sexy, slightly unapproachable, but totally doable. Got it?" Cameron, in all her confidence, throws her golden hair over her shoulder and struts inside the bright white entrance of Nordstrom's. Her Jimmy Choo's clacking against the sparkly tiled floors.

          Parker laments.

          Something's beginning to tell her that her idea of fashion, isn't necessarily Cameron's version of fashion. They're completely different subjects. She's also realized she's never really shopped before. Not in the same way as Cameron. She's never been inside a Nordstrom's where the culture is so focused on selling to the point they try and become their customers biggest advocate. It's overwhelming. Every time a person comes up to her, they ask her how she is, or if she needs any help. And Cameron just gives them this look, like, 'Trust me, I've got this.' And all Parker can do is follow along like a lost puppy.

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