― thirty-two: evil

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[ CHAPTER 32 : DARE #EVIL :when i was younger you knew me better. but now i'm old and grey, i often wonder about your lovers and why they went away. so easily distracted, seldomly in love. i don't know if i want to move slower, cause i've learned and because i'm getting older. the devil spoke so i leaned a little closer, finding truth is like fighting heavy shoulders. you beg for chances, long walks, and glances. my darling i can't relate. believe the liars, follow the crowd, and regret while we lay.]


          PARKER'S MOUTH DRIES AS Leo and her walk down the cold concrete streets of Arcadia. Before they had left Nico's house, he had given her his coat to keep her warm, and stolen one of Nico's from off the hook for himself without a second thought. Her mind continues to swirl in thought as she has absolutely no clue on what to say. She doesn't even know what Leo heard; if he heard anything at all. Not to mention she's not really good at gagging Leo's emotions. The boy, for one thing, is an enigma who's pretty good at hiding anything and everything having to do with how he really feels. 

          "Man, I wish it was earlier," The boy mutters with a frown. Parker lifts her gaze to watch as he shakes a hand through his messy bedhead hair. He sends her a dazzling smile, one she has to look away from because it forces a blur onto her eyes. "We could've gone for frozen yogurt." Parker's lips perk into a small smile, how did he remember that? It was so long ago when they had a conversation about their likes and dislikes.

          A sigh echoes out of her mouth as she treks a hand through her hair. Her frustrations from earlier with Nico still sit festering in her brain driving her nuts. He has the right to feel whatever he wants, but she doesn't like that he took it out on her. It makes her feel like she should've believed a little bit about what Cameron had said about him. That he has anger issues, she can believe that considering the way he reacted earlier.

          "So, what happened with you and Nico?" The boy asks while sweeping his hood over his head, covering up his face. "Lovers quarrel?" He asks while laughing and knocking his shoulder into hers. Parker's eyebrows furrow, he didn't hear what happened? She could've sworn that he had heard. The way he looked at her like he had even heard the tapes made her feel like she was suffocating. It's bad enough she has to deal with Nico's emotions, and Cameron's distaste―she doesn't want to have to deal with Leo too.

          Parker throws her hair over her shoulder and tries to hide her lies by slipping the hood of the jacket over her head. "We fought," The girl awkwardly shrugs, even laughing a little (albeit not amused). Peeking up at Leo, he stares straight ahead and keeps his arms crossed over his chest. Parker drops his gaze from him, and nibbles on her lower lip. "Leo," The girl reaches out, her hand coming to grip onto his wrist, stopping him from walking any further.

          He looks down at her, his eyebrow lifted in question, urging her to say something. Different emotions run down her spine like a chill, making her shake uncontrollably as her hand clenches his wrist a little tighter. "I can't really explain everything, I-I don't want to get you involved with anything that could get you hurt; stuff is happening with Nico and I and," The girl swallows down her blaring thoughts, shaking her head out of the words that fly into her mind threatening to spill out of her mouth before she can stop herself. Leo's face transforms into confusion as his hand reaches up to grip at her shoulder, his fingers pushing into her skin, and it stings but she doesn't push him away―just continues before she regrets saying anything in the first place. "I don't know what's going to happen from here on out, but you don't need to get involved―just please, don't try and figure it out. Don't try and help me or Nico. If anything, keep your distance, for your own safety."

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