― twenty-one: guilt

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[ CHAPTER 21 : GUILT :what's your name? who's your daddy? is he rich like me? has he taken, any time to show you what you need to live. tell it to me slowly, i really want to know, it's the time of the season for loving. tell it to me slowly, i really want to know.]


          PARKER HOPES TO THE moon and back that Rose won't wake in the night or before eight: or else she's more than just dead. This isn't her first time sneaking out late at night (though this time she leaves at nine instead of near midnight) but she does hope this time she doesn't get caught. Her grounding is finally up, it'd suck to get another week (or two, knowing her parents). Worst case scenario is her mother panicking and calling the sheriff. Hopefully, if it comes down to that, her father will stop the woman. But, beside her parents, is Rose. If Rose finds out she's sneaked out, either she'll freak and tell her parents, or go back to sleep and at some point, use this knowledge against Parker. Because she's mean.

          Before leaving, Parker makes sure Frank is comfortable in his spot on the mattress she now calls her bed, and grabs her red hoodie―previously owned by Leo. She flips the hood over the top of her head, blocking the rain from hitting her in the face, and digs her hands deep into the pockets of her light grey sweats. Butterflies sit in the pit of her stomach as she strolls down the empty streets of her close knit neighborhood. Nervousness is tickling her, and embarrassment is on the edge of filtering itself into her brain. Every scenario that pops into her head about what Nico may do or think, drives her mad. Will he be angry? Will he kick her out? Will he be confused, or unhappy? Maybe even imposed upon? Lord knows she wouldn't be happy if somebody randomly decided to climb the side of her house to sneak into her bedroom for a no nonsense reason like 'my parents are fighting'.

          If it isn't for the fact that Cameron is insanely pushing her to do this tonight, Parker wouldn't be out walking the streets in the middle of another rainstorm that's seconds away from turning into a snow storm. Even nearing ten at night, the blonde continues to text her. And all that Parker needs is motivation, instead she gets insulting texts.

          [ CAMERON ]: I swear to god, parker, get this done 2night!
          [ CAMERON ]: You're not made for this game if you can't.
          [ CAMERON ]: I'm serious Parker, finish this.
          [ CAMERON ]: Crusty bitch ass hailee white is not winning.
          [ CAMERON ]: Heather can kiss my ass as we ride to the top.
          [ CAMERON ]: I heard that heather hired some bitch that looked like hailee to do her last dare. like the fucking Audience won't figure that shit out. stupid lying ass bitch.
          [ CAMERON ]: she is not winning over us, you understand me? get this shit done, and seal this week with another win.

          The amount of animosity in one teenager's body, is more surprising than the fact that Heather Turner decided to hire some girl to do Hailee's dare. Nevertheless, the exploding sounds of texts filtering on her phone resulted in her turning it off and slipping it into her boot so she can stop thinking about Cameron's angry face. The added pressure of her texts was more than enough, she doesn't need to picture the girl pounding down on her even more.

          The Pérez house is big. Though, Parker should've expected that. Seven kids means you need a lot of space. The two story, sweeping cottage styled house must've been more than enough. Now, it's probably incredibly lonely. Incredibly different. At one point, this house at the end of the cul de sac must've been crazy. Constantly knocking into one another, bathrooms were always in use, breakfast, lunch, and dinner must've been crazy with food everywhere. Now, there's only three lonely people living in a house too big for such hopelessness. All Parker can think about is how sad it must be for Nico. As the youngest, he doesn't get to experience everything his brothers and sisters did when growing up with everyone. Most of his family refuses to come back home, one disappeared, the other is dead, a flaky mom, and an alcoholic father. Parker's never felt worse.

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