― six: dare #1

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[ CHAPTER 06 : DARE #1 : no one knows what it's like to be the bad man. to be the sad man. behind blue eyes. no one knows what it's like to be hated. to be fated. to telling only lies. but my dreams, they aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be.]


          PARKER HATES THE PERSON she's become in the past few days. Her parents ignored her when she tried to tell them how different she'll be in the next few days. Victoria laughed her off in the beginning, but when she began ignoring her, the girl would constantly try and talk to her―only for Cameron to pop up in all her golden hair glory, and tell the brunette to 'run along'. And then her parents began to notice how Victoria doesn't come around as often, not even to drive her to school. Instead, this short-haired blonde they've never met, is driving their daughter around. And they're not sure whether they should be worried or not.

          And the days have gone by, and now it's here. The day. The day the dares begin. And also, the day her grandmother decides to come to town for a while. If things could take a greater turn for worse, this would not be the time to do so. Parker is barely holding it together as it is. Watching as her best friend gets wrapped up in confusion, alongside her parent's puzzlement, it's all starting to wear down on her. The added pressure of having her annoying grandmother in town, would absolutely drive her nuts.

          The only thing that keeps her sane is the notion that as long as she keeps Victoria distant from her, it'll mean that she'll be safe. Parker loves her best friend and keeping her safe is something she vows to do. And if she keeps her parents on the topic of changing, they'll be more focused on wanting to keep up with the change, then question why she is in the first place.

          "She's almost here." Parker's mom comments, as huddles closer to her husband.

          Parker scoffs, "Don't remind me."

          Her father lightly smacks the back of her shoulder, giving her a look that says 'be nice.' Only, she's not quite sure how she can be. Not when she knows what her grandmother can do. Cause trouble. She's the type of person that, no matter where she is, has drama following her every step of the way. As if Parker doesn't have enough drama in her life. Even now, she's stuck outside in her pajamas―alongside her parents―in the blistering cold.

           "We've been out here for ten minutes." Parker whispers, shaking her head.

           Her father rolls her eyes, "Look, over there," He points off toward a taxi coming down their road. Taxi's aren't common. Everyone either drives, takes the bus, or walks. Most out-of-towners are relatives, so even then, their relatives that live in town pick them up. So, taxis really aren't that common. Except, for someone like Rose. "She's here."

          Parker's mother flies out of her husband's grip the minute the taxi―coming from Augusta―strolls to a stop at the curb of their house. By the time the woman reaches the bottom of the path, Rose is stepping out of the cab. First, Parker notices her tanned shaven legs―where has she been, Florida?―and then the large black pumps. When the woman stands up. Parker spots the pleated, bodycon, burgundy dress with a deep V-neck―and she nearly vomits. But she's left in awe at the makeup styled on her grandmother's face and the long brunette hair which is now cut above her shoulders and curled. And before she even gives her daughter a hug, she whips out a cigarette and lights out, right there. God, she's a complete disaster.

          Both Parker and her dad stand awkwardly on the top step as they watch her mom embrace Rose. The cigarette hanging from her fingers, the smoke covering up the back of Parker's mother's head. "This is all your fault," Parker grumbles as she shakes her head. "You promised me, she'd never come back." Her father sighs, as the two recall that day. The day when Rose appeared suddenly on their front doorsteps, two weeks before Parker's seventeenth birthday, and ruined everything.

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