― nine: dare #2

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[ CHAPTER 09 : DARE #2 : talkin' to myself, and feelin' old. sometimes i'd like to quit, nothin' ever seems to fit. hangin' around, nothin' to do but frown. rainy days and mondays always get me down. what i've got they used to call the blues. nothin'' is really wrong, feelin' like i don't belong. walkin around', some kind of lonely clown. rainy days and mondays always get me down. ]


          THE PAST FEW DAYS haven't been the ideal in Parker's mindset. The minute she got home from school last Monday, she was greeted with one extra week of being grounded. Apparently, after handing out the detentions, Miss DuPont personally called Parker's mother to talk about how 'worried' she is that her daughter is being exposed to 'bad' people like Leo. As the cherry on top, Parker's father set up her room as Rose's place to stay while she's here in Arcadia. Meaning, she's spent too much time with her grandmother―to the point she's offended to be related to her.

           The past week, has consisted of mainly avoiding Victoria and her gaze of confusion, dodging Nicolas Pérez―who hasn't stopped trying to find her since the day they kissed―and trying her best to keep on Cameron's good side. All of which, is harder than it sounds. Thankfully, Leo hadn't shown up for class for the rest of the week―which, despite being strange, she didn't much mind. And yet, the thing that makes her sicker than Rose being around, is the fact that Nicolas has been asking around for who 'the girl with the brown hair, and blue eyes' is and has somehow managed to figure out that Cameron is connected to her.

          And now, it's next Monday. The day for the second dare; but, most of all, the first punishment. Parker won't be receiving one, and neither will Hailee―who apparently passed with flying colors staying overnight in one of the abandoned hospitals a town over in Winnipeg―but Sunny isn't so lucky. She was dared to pee herself in class, ultimately to get sent home so she can change her clothes―and then come back with different clothes, but with the same pair of pants. All in order to get a few laughs. To say Parker felt bad, would be an understatement. Except, she's pretty sure punishment will be worse than the dare itself.

          "Sweetie, did you ask your friend about dinner?" Parker looks up from where she's stood in front of the pantry―granola bar in hand. The thought of dinner had slipped her mind the past few days she's been stuck at school and dying at work. And Cameron has been a bit too busy for Parker to impede on.

          Looking back at her mother, she shrugs, and her mother shakes her head. "Should I ask her myself?" Parkers nose crinkles as she turns to face her mother. Who stares back at her mid-way through make a fresh batch of mojitos for Rose. Rose who sits at the bar looking barely there. Is she drunk already? Probably.

          "I'll ask her when I see her, and text you." Parker responds.

          Her mother smiles as she sets the pitcher of mojito's down in front of Rose. "You finally ditched that homely looking girl, hunh?" The woman says, as she places a straw inside the pitcher to begin sipping the contents. Parker frowns, Victoria isn't homely.


          Rose puts her hands up, "What? I'm just being honest."

          "Honesty isn't always the best policy." Parker remarks before she grabs her bag from off the kitchen island, and heads for the front door. Ignoring her mother's calls to come back and eat a proper breakfast before leaving. But she can't stand being around her grandmother―not when she's always bringing a constant negative aspect to her life.

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