{chapter 3}

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I woke up earlier this morning than I usually did and It definitely felt like it. My eyes were half closed as I somehow made my way to my bathroom.

I mentally winced at how hard I was dragging my own feet across my hardwood floors.

I had revived an email from my first class's professor  last night that he wanted us there an hour early to try and make up some of time missed from yesterday. Missed time that was his fault and not mine.

I looked in the mirror and groaned at how not put together I looked. Morning hair was my absolute enemy, as my curls and waves tangled together in what seemed like an unfixable mess.

I tried my best to finger comb through the knots and I overall ended up just leaving it down . Keeping my hair out of my face was extremely important as had to take a million notes a second. That and I didn't want to have to actually brush and straighten my hair out, so I usually opted for an updo, but today was not one of those days and I was too lazy to have to feel a heavy bun resting on my head all day long.

I applied my normal makeup, this time actually going in and adding a red lip, and exited my bathroom to find another outfit to wear, all while forcing my eyes to stay open and not smudge my mascara since my face was still damp from setting spray.

Since it was still low 50s, and I wanted to look presentable and stray away from leggings,I pulled on my black high waited jeans that were snug in all the right places and thick white cream sweater that was an upgrade from my normal plain long sleeves.

I didn't feel like I had time for breakfast so I looked at my kitchen longingly as I slipped on my black water proof jacket and pair of rain boots.

I let out a loud yawn that turned into a whine as I was locking the door behind me and spared one last glance at my kitchen as did my stomach when it growled.

Coffee sounded magnificent along with a breakfast sandwich.

The weather had a chill to it but it wasn't raining so I was thankful for that, and kind of annoyed I picked this day to wear rain boots, slightly hoping it would rain later.

The whole ride over there that stupid ticket was glaring at me from the passenger seat, making me relive my conversation with my dad yesterday.

"Amelia, this is unacceptable and you know you! Do you want to get your license revoked?" He argued.

"Dad, honestly it's ok , it's just a stupid speeding ticket." I laughed back while checking myself out in the short lace black dress I was trying on.

"Excuse me no it's not. Your not creating a good name for yourself with such a record like this. Not to mention your not the one paying for these." He retorted. 

I rolled my eyes so hard I hoped he felt it through the phone.
"K dad I'm sorry. Alright? I'll be more careful."

"Good now to discuss your classes-"

"Bye dad! I have a lot to do with school and stuff gotta go!" I quickly said as I went back to seeing if I preferred this black dress or the previous red one I tried on.

Most college kid's parents wouldn't think getting a speeding ticket was the end of the world. Then again most college kids didn't have my dad, and me ignoring him would not last long.

I pulled into my campus parking lot early for once so I took my time getting to the wing I needed to be in.

I entered the large room, it was way too large as it only hosted about twenty kids per class.

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