{chapter 34} Christmas love

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A/N this is just kinda like a one shot chapter for Christmas.

I fluttered my eyes open and roll to my left to face Phoenix in our bed. The rain could be heard slamming against the window and cars parked outside.

Phoenix's body felt great, his bare chest radiating snuggly warmth. I shoved my cold feet against his, and I automatically felt better.

His eyes opened and he groaned , stretching his muscles making them all pop and crack as if he was a 70 year old man.

"Good morning." I said at his tiered smile.

"Mmm morning." He me mumbled his eyes slowly closing again.

"Nope, you need to wake up. We have guests coming tonight for a Christmas Eve dinner." I told him sitting up seeing our clock read 5:45am.

"It's early." He pouted with his eyes still closed.

"I can see that. But we still need a Christmas tree. And it's Christmas Eve Nix! I kept telling you weeks ago, let's get our stuff now but noooo-" he cut me off with a groan.

"Please no nagging this early." He while , burying his face into his pillow.

"Phoenix!" I wined , proceeding to get on top of his back when he didn't reply.

"We need to prepare!" I said once again shaking his shoulders.

"It's just my brother coming over Mia." He said into his pillow.

"Ok?? Your point? This will be his best Christmas ever. And ours." I pointed out.

My parents honestly weren't the holiday type. Every year even as a child, their idea of holidays and Christmas was getting on a plane and flying to a warm sunny island.

This year I opted out of the vacation when my sister did. We kind of decided to let them have a couples retreat type thing.

Phoenix's father definitely was the 'work in christmas' type. From my understanding every Christmas since Phoenix's and Nicks mom passed.

So tonight we were having Christmas Eve dinner at our place with Nix, Nick and I. Nick would then stay the night and open presents at our home. But first we needed a tree to the presents under.

"Fine fine." Nix started. "Let me get dressed."

I eagerly jumped off his back and grabbed the clothes I was to wear for the day.

I pulled on a basic grey pullover with some fur lined leggings and boots.

Nix wandered back out of the bathroom with eyes barley open, wearing a white t shirt ,grey sweats , and some slippers.

I held back an eye roll and let him be.

Grabbing his keys we walked down the stairs of our apartment holding hands softly.

He opened my passenger door for me and I slid into the car, feeling a special joy that one only feels around Christmas time.

The streets were icy as we drove and the sidewalks were insanely crowded with last minute shoppers like ourselves.

After making our way through traffic we finally pulled up to a Christmas tree lot, which of course was empty of people besides workers. I mean of course everyone already has Christmas tree.

We walked around the lot, Phoenix's eyes uninterested and his body just following mine.

I gasped and stoped in my tracks making him bump into me.

"This is the one." I whispered excitedly standing in front of one of tallest trees in the entire lot. It was beautifully green , every single branch was full and plush.

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