{Chapter 30}

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I snuggled into my warm soft white blankets for a bit longer before I opened my eyes.

I let out a deep sigh before sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

This was my second night at this hotel and last night I slept way better than the first, since well, I didn't sleep the first.

I sat up and grabbed my phone off of the charger to see like 4 missed calls from Phoenix and a few texts.

I groaned and rubbed my eyes, pushing my hair back. I could only ignore him for so long before I had to decide what I was going to do.

I hated when things were complicated.

Forgive and forget?
Don't forgive and don't forget?

I wanted so badly to forget this , and go back to my cozy apartment and cuddle into Phoenix's side while watching whatever TV series we were addicted too or simply talking.

But this time he really hurt me and I didn't know what to do. My heart literally ached and I couldn't get that stupid perfume smell out of my nose or brain.

My blood began to boil as I thought of it, making me clench my teeth and sit up straighter.

My phone rang again and without really thinking I answered it.

"What." I growled.

"Mia? Y-you answered." Nix's voice echoed back in the phone surprised.

"Yeah I did." I replied still feeling the anger surge through my body.

"I miss you so much Amelia, just please come home." He begged me.

"No Phoenix. I'm not even sure if I'm ready to forgive you ok. Or to be honest if I will." I said quietly.

"Please. You don't have to come here if you don't want to. I'll come to you. Just tell me where your staying, I have to make sure your okay, then I'll leave." He continued to plead.

I wanted to hang up but for some stupid reason I sighed and said "Maryhill Hotel."

"On my way." He said hanging up not letting me say another word.

I knew I still needed more time to try and get over this, but in all honesty I didn't want to feel angry like this still. Maybe a talk with him would set my perspectives straight.

I got out of my bed and decided to take a quick shower to freshen up since to be honest I was a little dinghy.

I lathered my hair with the hotel shampoos and conditioners, which I admit were a nice calming cucumber sent. I scrubbed my body thoroughly and even decided to shave my legs slowly and carefully, making them model smooth.

I got out feeling much better while slipping on a pair of comfy crop leggings and a loose white shirt that showers off the light pink bralette I was wearing under.

I wrapped my hair in the towel I used to dry my body, since I was much too lazy to blow dry it, and I was in a natural wave mood.

I walked out of the bathroom and let out a small scream when Phoenix was sitting on one of the beds.

"Fuck, why couldn't you just wait or knock or let me know you were here." I said trying to catch my breath after the small scare.

"Sorry." He mumbled. "I didn't want to bother you while your in the shower. I brought your favorite breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. The one with bacon." He said handing me a bag along with a big caramel frap.

"Thank you." I said taking the food and sipping the sweet caramel drink.

Phoenix was wearing his dark officer uniform that showed off his slim body and large biceps. His hair was gorgeously wind swept and his cheeks were slightly flushed a pale pink.

He sat back down on the bed and didn't say anything and neither did I for a while.

"So we need to talk." I finally started.

"Amelia please. I love you so much. I miss you, and I need you. I am sorry ok?" He pleaded with me.

Tears clouded my eyes immediately.

I wanted to forgive him so badly, and go back to our home and have a glorious day laying in bed in pajamas. But the ache of the broken heart I experienced was still there.

"Listen. I know your job is super important, and I want you to keep up with this case because I'm so proud of you, but my problem is you use it as an excuse." I tried to explain calmly.

"How." He asked simply, surprising me.

"You ditched me Phoenix. I waited for fucking hours, do you understand that? Hours. Your always late and distracted,and you have no remorse!" I pointed out.

He sighed and stood up putting his hands on his head, pacing a little.

"I'm sorry ok? But it's my job. I have to have it as one of my main priorities." He tried to explain.

"Alright. Let's talk about the perfume then. Is that a main priority? To hoe around?" I seethed.

"Amelia." He began clenching his teeth. "I am with you. You are my girlfriend, I would never do anything to or with another women while I was with you. " he tried to explain frustrated.

I just crossed my arms and chewed on my bottom lip.

"I think we need a break." I declared.

"No Mia, I need you. I need you to forgive me." Phoenix begged once more, his eyes filling up with tears as he ran his hands through this hair.

"Then I can't feel like this!" I exploded at him. "I feel stressed, I feel angry, I feel forgotten. I refuse to feel this way anymore." Tears began to cloud my eyes as I let all of my feelings out.

We both stopped yelling , I sat on the bed with my face buried in my hands, letting the cries flow. I heard Phoenix give the occasional sniffle as he paced the floor in front of the bed .

We stayed like this for what felt like forever until I felt arms ingulf me from behind.

"Please don't leave me." Phoenix whispered.

Soooo sorry for the long wait, I just started my senior year of high school so it's been really busy.


Mia and Nix, what lies ahead of them?

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